In the era of meager profits, we seek to launch do

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The operation of doors and windows has transited from the period of huge profits to the era of meager profits. With the rise of raw materials and the rising rent of stores, door and window agents The profit is very small, and some pessimists even compare it to the declining west mountain. Under the promotion atmosphere of low profit, the door and window agents may pay more efforts to open up shopping malls than before. In order to achieve expansion in the era of low profit, doors and windows can use details to meet the increasing cost demand, and then improve their brand competitiveness

first, enterprises have entered the era of meager profits

"the era of sudden profits will come sooner or later. Under the normal economic environment, enterprises should make money by handling, not by sudden profits." With the rise of labor and raw material quotation, it is certain that the increase of product cost will lead to the rise of product quotation. Any sophisticated operation will enter the era of meager profits. For example, door and window agents cannot always be at a high profit level. The era of profiteering in door and window operations is now in the past. With the survival of the fittest in shopping malls, some products will rise in price and some products will fall in price

second, win the mall with details

nowadays, the most waiting job for consumers is to buy their favorite door and window products at the most favorable price. The most obvious feature of the cost is calm purchasing, which is much higher than the previous request in terms of the effectiveness, quality and overall planning of the door and window brand. In addition to quality, quotation has become the biggest element of transaction, and it is also the key point of business competition. Shopping malls have fierce competitions and dense promotions. It is precisely the consumers of door and window agents who benefit most

therefore, in the era of meager profits, door and window agents There is a certain foundation for businessmen to grasp the business opportunities of shopping malls. Only by mastering the direction of shopping malls' spending demand and implementing targeted treatment methods, can they win the launch of their aspirations in the white hot competition shopping malls




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