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In the next 30 years, 4billion square meters of new buildings will be built. The merchants of doors, windows and curtain walls initially pay attention to the needs of consumers, and the severe changes in their innovative thinking are trying to keep up with the wall and even create popular costs. Energy saving has become a household name. Shopping malls are hot spots, and energy-saving door, window and curtain wall products, such as aluminum wood composite doors, solid wood doors and windows, system doors and windows, Low-E glass, are increasingly being praised by local consumers and dealers

the style diversification and characterization required by the hardware of doors, windows and curtain walls

the intact and rigid space has been quietly reduced, and the consumer is no longer satisfied with a normal space. Even the rigid and cautious work content also requires an appropriate, relaxed, rich and colorful environment support. Gloomy, dark walls are gradually completed, and diversified beautiful colors such as white, yellow, blue, green and red have become the mainstream. In order to meet the main force of 80 groups of post white-collar workers, the constantly added brands initially seek to break the wall. For example, some manufacturers have initially moved the brain of "changing the shape of the unit wall" on the wall, and various polyhedral cutting and multi angle matching processes have always been difficult to forget on the wall New power energy-saving windows and doors hardware request in the future

hardware innovation constitutes an inevitable trend, low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving needs

nowadays, with the continuous addition of buildings with diverse decoration characteristics, the original color configuration file is difficult to meet the needs of consumers, presenting colorful profiles. Whether it's plastic doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, or solid wood doors, composite doors, the demand for colorful products is significant. The increasingly prosperous colorful wooden appearance, color changing wood paint, aluminum alloy windows and doors have now become a popular fashion. Rich and diverse color characteristics, stained wood windows and doors, lined with elegant and beautiful glass doors, cold and rigid become beautiful "face". An official said that the doors and windows, wood use spray paint effect, the color is changeable, "what color do you want?"

aluminum is no longer limited to the use of wall materials, but can better meet the requirements of environmental protection, long service life, and other materials put into use. Aluminum alloy doors and windows system uses colorful profiles, and plastic extrusion colorful profiles, which not only has excellent energy-saving, heat insulation, heat, vibration, noise functions, but also beautiful air, reflecting the creation of characters. Recently, the construction site of Xiangfan real estate project saw that many commercial buildings are being created. The renderings and architectural colors are very bright, with golden cornices and dados The silver curtain Xiangfan city itself has become a fashion index. Can meet the weather resistance, water tightness, impact resistance, and many other ordinary needs of the continuous use of the wall. In the meantime, it can reduce power consumption and carbon dioxide emission most. The carbon effect of double curtain wall is remarkable, which has become a popular trend

building itself, seeking high-quality products to make the production rate of doors, windows and curtain walls continue to advance. Manufacturers should always think that the products developed by customers and shopping malls can be used to produce excellent products and provide them to customers, so that they can stay ahead of the times for a long time, modular common mass production, quotation. In contrast, there is a lack of capital and strength, and there is no battle. Manufacturers who are ready for new challenges will be selected

relevant materials show that many buildings are built in our creation, and more than 97% are high energy consuming buildings. On this basis, it is estimated that by 2020, the national high energy consumption building area will reach 7.0 billion square meters. Therefore, if we don't pay attention to the building energy efficiency plan, we will directly advance our power crisis. Today, more than 90% of the existing buildings in China, which exceed 40billion square meters, are high energy consuming buildings. In high-energy buildings, the power of doors and windows accounts for nearly half. According to the analysis of insiders, building energy conservation is the key to energy-saving doors and windows. Therefore, the selection of new energy-saving windows and door curtain walls has the objective appeal of building energy conservation and dynamic situation, but the wall and windows will also become an inevitable trend





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