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With such a large storage demand, what cabinets do you need to make? Moganshan whole house customization tells you that taking into account both storage and beauty, it is enough to make these cabinets

when you enter the stage of making cabinets,

may be a little overwhelmed,

the storage demand is so large,

what cabinets do you need to make

let Moganshan customize the whole house to tell you

porch cabinet

set up a porch cabinet in the porch, and most of your things have storage places. Of course, the porch cabinet pays more attention to practicality. The upper space can be used to place things that are not commonly used, the lower space can be used to place seasonal shoes, and the bottom layer can also be hollowed out to put slippers and frequently worn shoes

TV cabinet

TV background wall is only used to decorate TV, which is too wasteful. To be both beautiful and practical, Moganshan home can be customized for customers. Put a whole cabinet on the wall, and everything can be put in. If you feel crowded, put a row of low cabinets, and directly let your home expand


wardrobe is a common bedroom cabinet, and its existence solves daily clothes well. For the storage of quilt clothes, the wardrobe with reasonable layout and strong functionality can even take into account the functions of dressing table, jewelry, shoes storage and safe

cloakroom (wardrobe)

larger houses may be equipped with cloakroom, but cloakroom does not mean that all clothes at home can be put in, and the capacity of cloakroom also depends on whether the design is reasonable. The internal pattern of a reasonably arranged wardrobe in the cloakroom must be:

● less partitions

● more drawers

● more places to hang clothes

balcony cabinet

balcony cabinet can meet your storage, display and washing functions. Worried about the exposure of the washing machine, hide in the balcony cabinet! No place to put the cleaning tools, put them in the balcony cabinet! There is also a big quilt in winter. As long as your balcony is waterproof and moisture-proof, it is also not a problem


a good cabinet is really important for the kitchen, which is an area where odds and ends are concentrated. You can customize different cabinet combinations according to your personal preferences. You can also use local highlights to decorate: tableware, countertops, electrical appliances, flowers are all matching sharp tools





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