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The wall is decorated with materials with thermal insulation performance, and air conditioning in three volt days can also save a lot of electricity; A water storage device is installed under the washbasin and connected with the toilet. Daily washing water can be used to flush the toilet; The ceiling lamp in the bedroom is equipped with a control switch, and the light can be adjusted at will &8230&# 8230; When decorating new houses, how can we save energy and money? Experts believe that the key is to do a good job in heat preservation, water saving and electricity saving in the design and construction. Building experts generally believe that building energy conservation is mainly to transform the thermal insulation performance of doors, windows and walls. Generally, good thermal insulation performance of doors, windows and walls can save 60% of energy. If the original external window is a single glass ordinary window, it is best to replace it with a hollow glass bridge broken metal window during decoration, and install a movable external sunshade outside the East-West window. When choosing curtains, try to choose curtains with thick cloth and good heat insulation effect. If the original wall has an internal insulation layer, do not destroy it during decoration. If the design plan is to connect the balcony with the bedroom, it is necessary to install insulation layer on the wall and top of the balcony. When laying the wooden floor, thermal insulation materials, such as mineral wool board, flame-retardant foam, etc., can be placed between the grids under the floor. When customizing the door, the manufacturer can be required to fill with fireproof and thermal insulation materials such as glass wool or mineral wool; Doors and windows should be equipped with sealing strips; Residents living on the top floor can also place thermal insulation materials on the paper gypsum board when making the ceiling to improve the thermal insulation. The key point of water saving is sanitary ware. The key point of water saving is the selection and installation of kitchen and toilet equipment. It is best to install water-saving faucets and flow control valves, and select water-saving toilets and water-saving bathing appliances. The traditional concept believes that using shower is more water-saving, but from the actual situation, installing a new bathtub with less water consumption and using it together with shower will have better water-saving effect. Bathtubs mainly rely on circulating water and volume to save water. Bathtubs with a length of less than 1.5 meters are more water-saving than ordinary bathtubs and conform to the sitting posture of the human body. At present, the faucets used in general family kitchens and bathrooms are lever type, which is difficult to control the flow freely. Therefore, the flow control valve can be installed under the faucet of the cabinet and bath cabinet to achieve the purpose of saving water. In addition, the distance between the water heater and the water outlet should be shortened as far as possible, and the hot water pipeline should be insulated




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