The decoration effect of 3 ultra fashionable bars

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The bar has gradually become a must-have in the home. It doesn't take up much space. You can enjoy this fashionable and charming life only in a small corner. The charm of the bar also lies in the gorgeous turn of those corner spaces in the home. And for small houses, the bar is the best role to replace the restaurant. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian has prepared several bar decoration renderings, injecting fashion into every corner of the home

where there is a bar, it is always accompanied by good wine. The two seem to be interdependent. This bar decoration effect drawing, when entering the room from the porch, you will see the exquisite corner bar, the gorgeous bar wine cabinet is used as a partition, and the hollowed out carved design on the edge forms a beautiful decoration; The bar at the corner can taste this fashion with friends; The wine on the partition is definitely the best atmosphere product

the bar is often used as a partition, often used to separate the kitchen from other spaces. This bar decoration renderings, duplex building structure design, so that small houses can have more space to use; On the side of the small kitchen, the simple bar design has skillfully become the dividing line between the kitchen and the living room. Because of the existence of the bar, there is no need to build a restaurant, which is also a good way to save space

the pure blue and white matching and exquisite iron frame vividly interpret the Mediterranean style. This bar decoration effect picture. Although the whole space is not big, the ingenious design still makes people feel less crowded and more comfortable at home; The low wall piled up with white stone bricks has become the most powerful support for the bar; Delicate decorations and elegant flowers are placed on the blue bar, accompanied by wine, to taste fashion and romance

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