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2020, the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) mainly involves three themes: automation, naturallanguageprocessing and trust. Recently, IBM Research Institute released five forecasts for the field of artificial intelligence in 2020

the understanding ability of artificial intelligence will be improved, and the application range will be expanded.

the more data the artificial intelligence system has, the faster its ability will be improved. However, for some enterprises and organizations with less data, how to meet the data needs of artificial intelligence is a difficult problem. However, this does not mean that such enterprises and organizations cannot use artificial intelligence. In 2020, more artificial intelligence systems will rely on neural symbol technology that integrates learning ability and logic. Neural symbol technology is the key to breakthrough natural language processing technology. It can combine common sense reasoning and professional knowledge in various fields to help computers better understand human language and dialogue. Such breakthroughs will help enterprises deploy automated customer care tools and technical support tools with stronger dialogue ability, while greatly reducing the amount of data required to train artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence will not seize jobs, but will change the way we work.

in the next few years, artificial intelligence will continue to affect the workplace. However, human beings do not need to worry that machines will snatch and break their jobs. On the contrary, artificial intelligence can change the way people work through automation. The latest research shows that artificial intelligence will increasingly help humans complete tasks such as scheduling. However, for jobs requiring certain skills, artificial intelligence has little impact, such as designing professional and industry strategies. It is expected that in 2020, with the introduction of artificial intelligence into the world, the measurement accuracy of hardness will be high; In the workplace where the employee meets to verify its impact. Employers must start job adjustment, while employees should focus on developing their skills

the technology of using artificial intelligence to manage artificial intelligence will rise last year

in order to improve people's trust in artificial intelligence, relevant systems must be reliable, fair and responsible. The public must be convinced that AI technology is safe and that the conclusions or recommendations provided by AI are impartial and not manipulated. In 2020, various elements affecting credibility will be integrated into the life cycle of artificial intelligence to help humans build, test, run, monitor and certify not only excellent performance, but also trustworthy artificial intelligence applications. Just like the rise of autoai, which uses artificial intelligence to build artificial intelligence, we will also see the rise of the technology of using artificial intelligence to manage artificial intelligence. We can use this technology to create trusted AI workflows in all walks of life, especially those that are strictly regulated

the energy demand of artificial intelligence requires the adoption of more environmentally friendly technologies

data centers are key facilities in the modern world. The data center is also the foundation of artificial intelligence, and its energy consumption accounts for 2% of the total global energy consumption. The demand for cloud computing and artificial intelligence will not disappear. It is expected that in 2020, people will make greater efforts to improve the sustainability of artificial intelligence technology. How to install this kind of hydraulic universal testing machine and what are the reasons for the unstable speed of this equipment? Let's take a look at 1 below. Efforts include the development of new materials, new chip designs that can realize analog and mixed signal processing, new software technologies based on approximate algorithms, etc. The purpose is to support the growing workload of artificial intelligence and reduce carbon emissions at the same time

lab assistants based on artificial intelligence will discover new materials

for more than two centuries, organic molecular synthesis has been an important research direction in the field of industrial chemistry. It is for this reason that people have developed life-saving drugs and synthetic fibers. In the process of creating different molecules, researchers need to identify thousands of possible reactions, so the challenge is huge. Such a huge amount of information means that a scientist may need to remember dozens of reactions in his research field, but in fact they can not become experts in all fields. Now, they don't have to accomplish this impossible task. It is expected that in 2020, the number of cases of breakthroughs in material development using artificial intelligence and automation technology will increase significantly


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