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Ashett: digital publishing has become the main direction of attack. Three new officials have taken office. Ashett books group recently restructured its internal sales staff, hoping to make rational use of more resources to seize the opportunity of digital development

evanschnittman, the new marketing officer of achette books group, recently issued a statement, saying that in order to keep pace with the evolving publishing industry, achette has reorganized its sales staff, hoping to seize the opportunity of digital development through this adjustment

this restructuring will divide the existing sales force of ashert into three departments, namely, retail department, sales strategy and operation Department, and marketing, Canadian market and special market department

however, the total number of sales department has not been reduced due to restructuring, and ashett may increase the number of sales personnel, schnittman said in an interview with digital book world. New sales positions will be created under the new sales personnel organizational framework. At present, there are about 100 sales personnel in achette

schnittman entered achette in March this year. He also mentioned in the statement that the new sales organization structure will enable ashett's sales team to better cater to the changing book market, unify the sales of paper books and e-books, and integrate the research and analysis strategy of ashett's book sales

many of the executives of ashert were promoted due to this restructuring. Ashert also appointed a new vice president to be responsible for the control of the sales strategy and operation division

chrismurphy was promoted to vice president of the newly established retail department. He was the vice president of the sales department. He is responsible for controlling the work of five branches: the domestic accounts group, the Christian book buying and selling association group, the distribution user sales and service and the sales group of ashertnashville branch, the young readers sales group and the domestic sales group. Chrismurphy will report directly to schnittman

ashett also hired davidbowers as vice president of sales strategy and operations. He has just resigned from Oxford University Press, where he is the vice president of business development and responsible for publishing the Oxford dictionary. Bowers will conduct network marketing and wholesale sales for sales result analysis, promotion, retail service, e-book platform service, metadata, business model and cooperation with authors. Schnittman is also his immediate boss

the third department, the market, the Canadian market and other special markets, will continue to be in the charge of jeangriffin, who is also the publishing consultant of anseladams. She will also report to schnittman on the work of the Department

at the same time, this restructuring has also triggered a series of promotions below the level of vice president

rickcobban was appointed Vice President of the domestic accounts group. Mikeheuer was promoted to head of the domestic market team. Richtullis' responsibilities were expanded to serve as channel director of the network marketing and wholesale sales team. Karentorres was promoted to vice president of the marketing and marketing operations group. Andylecount and lindajamison also became channel directors. They will all report to Murphy, the new vice president of retail department. Only Torres is led by Bowers, the new vice president of sales strategy and operations

we are changing the personnel organization structure to strengthen ashett's strength and make her more capable to meet the earth shaking innovation and challenges in the publishing industry. Digital publishing has taken root in this industry and will have a far-reaching impact on ashett's sales. These impacts are related to the readers we want to face, the platform we want to promote, the types of books we want to publish and the form of publishing. Schnittman wrote in a statement

ashett is undergoing a change of executive leadership. Schnittman joined ashert in March and took over the marketing department. In September, the company announced that ceodavidyoung would step down in April, 2013, and michaelpietsch, head of little and brownandcompany, a branch of ashert, would succeed him. Davidyoung will also retain the post of president of ashett books group, and concurrently serve as the deputy general manager of ashett UK and the executive officer of Orion publishing group, who can keep a clear view of the company for a long time. Ashett's operations officer kenmichaels was promoted in September

new progress in reaching a settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of justice on e-books, but the key is whether to improve the production process contract.

in the process of restructuring, ashett was involved in the e-book settlement with Amazon, Barnes & Noble bookstore, apple and other major e-book publishers. Ashett had to make a new sales agreement according to the court injunction and the e-book pricing settlement agreement signed with the U.S. Department of justice

Schnittman is specifically responsible for ashett's e-book settlement. According to him, they will reach an agreement with the retailer within the time limit set by the court, and the relevant statement will be released soon

everything that needs to be done within the specified time is already in progress. To produce stronger plastics from renewable materials, schnittman said that in today's society, if you can't hold several jobs, you can't survive. Everything happens at the same time, and we must deal with all these things properly

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