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ASUS vg278q desktop computer monitor LCD 27 inch screen how to use experience

ASUS vg278q desktop computer monitor LCD 27 inch screen 144hz e-games

27 inch large screen 144hz 1ms rapid response can also become transparent, lighter and repairable. The following is a collection of the latest user comments for your reference and comparison

I. how about ASUS vg278q desktop computer monitor LCD 27 inches? Is it good for daily use

one month's trial experience:

(1) 144 is well deserved. I wanted to buy 24 inch chicken, but I decided to buy a bigger one. Perfect screen, home the same day. It doesn't make any difference as mentioned above. The difference is big. It's simply sour. Full marks full marks! Customer service Kongming's service was considerate and his attitude was good. I liked it! Kongming Kongming Kongming Kongming

(2) it is not the same level as 60Hz!! Play watch and instantly become great God youmu you! It's worth starting! I have recommended my friends to buy the

(3) the monitor is larger than expected and the package is intact. At present, there is no trial effect. Please review it after a week! Like the seller

after a trial period:

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II. ASUS vg27 is an industrial and mining enterprise, scientific research institution, college The ideal testing equipment of the engineering quality supervision station and other departments constantly innovates the products. 8q desktop computer display LCD 27 inch screen configuration parameters:

3c specification and model: vg278********** (version no.:vg278*********) (* is, -,/, a..

Product Name: asus/ASUS vg278q

place of origin: Chinese Mainland

warranty period: 36 months

refresh rate: 144hz

dynamic contrast:: 1

package volume: 700 x 190 x 458 mm

brand: asus/ASUS

ASUS model: vg278q

model: vg278q

package type: Official Standard

camera type: no camera

touch screen: non touch screen

curvature: non curved surface

gross Weight: 8.2kg

manufacturer: ASUS

energy efficiency grade: none

touch screen type: non touch screen

additional functions: built-in speaker lifting can be wall mounted rotary lifting

static contrast: 1000:1

color classification: Black

screen size: 27 inches

after sales service: national joint insurance

vertical viewing angle: 178 °

black and white response time: 1 millisecond

gray scale response time: 1ms

point distance: 0.311mm

Panel type: tn

interface type: hdmidp

average brightness: 400cd/m^2

resolution: 1920*1080 (Full HD)

horizontal viewing angle: 178 °

color: brand new

screen proportion: 16:9

screen type: led

whether it has its own Speaker: Yes

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