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How to achieve a poverty alleviation project yield of more than 10%

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"at present, jiehu street has four poverty alleviation projects that have generated benefits, and the yield is between 10% and 15%. We try our best to strive for the most benefits for poor households." Liuhongying, head of the Poverty Alleviation Office of jiehu street in Yinan County, introduced

in 2016, the first poverty alleviation project in jiehu street, Jinchang village poverty alleviation workshop, was completed for bidding. What kind of projects will be introduced to ensure maximum benefits? "As soon as the bidding information was released, several enterprises were attracted to bid. Finally, we chose Linyi dingxu paper products processing factory with the highest yield." Sun Xinglu, the Poverty Alleviation Office of jiehu street, said that at that time, the project successfully won the bid for the construction project of the national demonstration platform for the production and utilization of new materials, with a capital of 200000, and built a 750 square meter steel structure plant. "The lessee paid a lump sum contract fee of 150000 yuan for five years, with a yield of 15%, benefiting 113 poor households."

entering Linyi dingxu paper products processing factory, dozens of villagers are producing all kinds of paper packaging in a tense and orderly manner. "The enterprise has sales of more than 9 million and annual profits and taxes of more than 700000." Zhangqingxiang, head of dingxu paper products processing factory, said that the company mainly produces paper barrel packaging of full paper barrel, cardboard barrel, welding wire barrel, medical packaging barrel and other models. "The plant is close to the county, and the transportation is convenient. At that time, our enterprise was restricted by the site, and I immediately registered as soon as I saw the bidding information."

with the continuous development of the project, jiehu Street invested another 600000 yuan in 2017 to expand the poverty alleviation workshop in Jinchang village, and built two workshops covering an area of 1500 square meters. "It was still contracted by dingxu paper products processing factory, and a one-time contract fee of 400000 yuan was paid for five years, with a yield of 13.3%." Sunxinglu told

"I've been working here. I'm lighthearted and relatively free. My monthly income is easy enough to cover my family." Dongjianmei, a poor household, said. The factory has more than 40 employees, all of whom are villagers nearby, which has solved the employment problem of some local villagers

also makes it the preferred material for obscene clothing manufacturers; In the field of fashion, the use of general coats is the main use. "The government has also given us greater support." Zhang Qingxiang said that during the epidemic period, the factory actively prepared to resume production and became the first batch of enterprises to resume production. "Now we encounter land use problems, and government departments actively help coordinate."

poverty alleviation is the key to win the battle against poverty. It is understood that in addition to the poverty alleviation workshop project in Jinchang village, jiehu Street completed two poverty alleviation workshop projects in 2017 and 2018 respectively

in 2017, jiehu Street invested 400000 yuan to build the Yingbin village fund custody project and took shares in Shandong axelyan Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. The accumulated income of the project is 120000 yuan, with an annual income of 40000 yuan and a yield of 10%. In 2018, 1.4 million yuan was invested to build 2070 square meters of steel structure poverty alleviation production workshop in Zaolinzhuang village. "The main contractor is Linyi Liuchao sporting goods Co., Ltd., with an annual income of 11.2. Every year, it has to pay 34million euros of garbage disposal tax, with a yield of 8%. The enterprise also gives 50000 shoes to poor households every year, with a comprehensive yield of more than 11.5%." Sun Xinglu said

The year 2020 is the decisive year for poverty eradication. After receiving 7.1 million yuan of special funds from the superior finance, jiehu Street made a full investigation of the poverty alleviation project, effectively making good use of the poverty alleviation funds, fully realizing the income and driving the income increase of poor households. "The existing two poverty alleviation workshops in the street operate well and have a high rate of return." Sunxinglu said that in the process of communicating with the enterprises, they learned that the two enterprises were limited by the size of the workshop and could not expand production. "After hearing that the street plans to build a new poverty alleviation workshop, the enterprise hopes to build a new workshop next to the original poverty alleviation workshop."

in midsummer, two new poverty alleviation workshops in jiehu Street are being built in full swing. I believe that in the near future, driven by the poverty alleviation workshop, the poor people will continue to move towards a new life and new goals

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