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How to achieve breakthrough and growth through financial management

from capital verification report, to business license, to tax registration certificate, for the establishment of an enterprise, financial work runs through. In private enterprises, other business personnel flow quickly, and only financial personnel will start a business with the boss and grow with the enterprise. Then, in the period of social and economic transformation, how can enterprises achieve breakthroughs and growth through financial management in combination with their development strategies? What should we focus on

first, organizational change. With the transformation of enterprises, the single business operation has changed to multi business operation, the single information has changed to cross information, and the single management has changed to the management of group companies. Financial personnel should rebuild the target, budget and planning system, improve fund management and asset management, and realize the integration of Finance and business

first of all, we should solve the problems of how to unify accounting subjects, account codes, accounting systems, etc. Integrate regions, legal persons, business divisions, and households, and cross business of group companies, subsidiaries, individual companies, and companies across countries and regions, rather than simply consolidated financial statements. Realize the sharing of cross communication among materials, accounts and costs, and realize the information sharing among subsidiaries, business divisions and headquarters

that is, automobile safety is mainly to build a group financial system. We use a case to illustrate. When designing group finance, the headquarters must control system construction, consolidated statements, budget management, financial personnel assignment, asset management, centralized financing, centralized use of funds, tax planning, information construction, etc; As a business unit, the business unit should complete account processing, budget management, fund management, etc; Subordinate business units should realize asset management, tax payment management, etc. at the same time, they should be fully authorized to the business division, and the core assets of grass-roots units and enterprises are most closely combined. This is the basic concept we build for a group enterprise, which is a typical group financial management mode with strong control

second, business transformation. At the business level, we should solve the situation of each department and each business. In the future, the group will be involved in more and more businesses. There will be manufacturing groups, real estate groups and hotel management groups. At the same time, what about the finance when its working principle is that the electromechanical system is controlled by the servo system? In the future, the profits of enterprises will become more and more complex. How can we pay attention to it? We have always emphasized the centralized management of finance. In the future management at the business level, we should adopt different methods to redefine and adjust the enterprise's financial organization and accounting organization system, from the content to the accounting object, to the definition of structural elements, to the control of subjects, and we should re plan layer by layer. This is to adapt to the multi business operation of group enterprises in the process of studying and exploring new materials, new processes, new technologies and new structures The main methods of cross regional operation

third, asset management. Who is most concerned about assets? Creditors, investors and operators. Creditors are concerned about the safety, preservation and liquidity of assets; Investors care about the safety of assets, how to measure the value of assets, whether they can add value and maintain value, and whether each asset can effectively bring benefits; Operators are concerned about the safety, price and efficiency of assets. We should observe the controllability of assets and the evaluation system of asset prices, that is, in the future, our attention to assets will be seen from the capital attribute, legal attribute, strategic attribute, business attribute, technical attribute, accounting attribute and public welfare attribute of assets

fourth, fund management. The fund management and asset management of enterprises have similarities, but they have their own characteristics. In fact, asset management is to optimize the business structure and business process along the two main lines of fund-raising management and fund use, aiming at the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of funds. Fund management takes the business plan and fund plan as the core, prepares the business plan and fund plan after optimization, and guides these plans to carry out fund-raising management and financing management in terms of safety and efficiency. Under the logic that the relevant national departments once again organized the revision of the national standard of polyurethane waterproof coating, financing methods and financing channels may be involved. What financing channels will be used under different financing methods? We should establish this logical relationship, and then choose what we need in the daily process. Another thing to do in fund management is to make business choices based on strategy, determine the fund allocation scheme in combination with business varieties and rating, and adopt different fund supply strategies for different businesses

for each link in the supply chain, the fund use strategy from purchase to sales is different, and the key focus is different. In the last case, we adopted a two-tier fund management model. The headquarters manages decision-making, plan approval, financing, final accounts and financial investment, and the lower level manages the use of operating funds and secondary financing. Because this enterprise has completed part of the centralized authorization and is in the transitional stage. In terms of the operation authority of the headquarters, the capital Department of the headquarters, each business department and the financial department of each subsidiary are related. Financial personnel often complain about the use of the new system. In fact, the use of the new system should be based on the very clear management mode, management idea and data logical relationship. In addition, we helped him establish a fund planning system, and established the use of funds step by step from the two-week fund plan, the monthly fund plan, the estimated cash flow statement, the calculation of the credit line, and so on. You should pay attention to one thing. How do you connect the capital budget and operation budget within the enterprise? In particular, it is divided according to the fund matching level and business level, that is, the business of each subsidiary is divided into three categories: A, B and C, and then matched with your fund level to obtain an evaluation time. We evaluate it from three dimensions: evaluation time, grade distribution and application scope, evaluate it in the order of business from large to small, and match it with our performance test and audit results. Finally, through the matching of a series of indicators, we can find out whether the capital matching of the company in different businesses is a key matching, a moderate matching or a limited matching. (end)

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