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Golden Eagle heavy industry: how to achieve "four generations in one room" in product innovation

Golden Eagle heavy industry: how to achieve "four generations in one room" in product innovation

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learned from Xiangyang top 100 enterprise Golden Eagle heavy engineering machinery Co., Ltd., in the first three quarters of this year, the company achieved an output value of 1.394 billion yuan, a record high in the same period, with an increase of 15%. The "light pressure" is the pressure generated by the light shining on objects

in recent years, with the country increasing investment in infrastructure construction and accelerating the pace of railway construction, the railway construction machinery industry has ushered in a golden period of development

for this reason, the company insists on taking "product innovation" as the guide, which can more sensitively reflect the surface defects of materials and continuously strengthen the research and design of products. In 2011, China's high-speed railway developed rapidly, but the high-speed railway lines and contact repair and maintenance equipment have always been in the hands of foreign large enterprises, and the purchase and use costs of construction machinery for high-speed railway lines remain high. Keenly aware of this development opportunity, Jinying heavy industry took the lead in developing 120km/h contact maintenance operation vehicles and heavy rail vehicles suitable for China's high-speed rail and passenger dedicated lines in 2011, which are respectively used for the installation, maintenance, daily inspection and maintenance of railway contact upper facilities and the transportation of materials, tools and personnel. They can quickly enter and withdraw from the construction area without affecting the normal operation of high-speed rail. Due to the advanced design, the railway corporation regards these two products as the unified products of the whole railway, and other railway construction machinery production enterprises can only produce and sell them by purchasing drawings. Now the company has grown into a leading enterprise in the manufacturing of railway construction machinery with the most complete product line, the most perfect technology and the most innovative vitality in China

Jinying heavy industry promotes the development of the company with science and technology according to the development plan of entering a field one year with the development strategy of "four generations working together" of "one generation of production, one generation of trial production, one generation of research and development, and one generation of conception". In March this year, they found during the market visit that the crane equipment in the railway freight yard had major problems affecting safety production, such as the manufacturers were disordered, the quality was uneven, the equipment was in poor condition, the after-sales service could not be guaranteed, and the crane worked with disease or could not be used. To this end, the company quickly organized manpower, established a lifting machine project team with international advanced technology, and made every effort to tackle the key problems of crane technology. At present, the crane developed and manufactured by the company has completed the type test in accordance with the relevant national requirements. The next step will enter the stage of crane on-site evaluation and user trial, and it is expected to form a production capacity next year

the leading products of Jinying heavy industry include 4 series and 56 varieties of heavy rail vehicles, electrified railway contact construction and maintenance vehicles, large and medium-sized road maintenance machinery and urban rail transit engineering vehicles, which are widely used in the construction, maintenance and detection of railway lines by railway track maintenance and power supply systems. At present, the average domestic railway has one product of the company every 15 kilometers

windformxt2.0 can replace finished parts for small batch production. In recent years, the company's products have been exported to more than 20 countries such as Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan, Hong Kong, ranking first in the same industry in China, establishing the important position of China's railway maintenance vehicles in the international market

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