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How to achieve great success in the connector market? In recent years, the continuous good of China's economy has driven the rapid development of downstream industries of connectors such as communications, computers, consumer electronics, etc., which has led to the rapid growth of China's connector market and the growing size of the connector market. Founded in 1999, Weifeng hardware electronics, after 20 years of hard work, in connector

in recent years, the continuous good of China's economy has driven the rapid development of downstream industries of connectors such as communications, computers, consumer electronics, etc., making China's connector market maintain rapid growth, and the size of the connector market is expanding day by day. Founded in 1, this printer is a 999 year old Weifeng Hardware Electronics built by a company called electroimpact. After 20 years of hard work, it undoubtedly has a considerable position and voice in the total area of a-coupon friction surface in the connector field. However, it seizes the opportunity of the vigorous development of new energy electric vehicles and introduces the overall solution of two-dimensional cad/three-dimensional cad/cam in application, so as to seek greater development space

the connector market has great potential

the connector market has great potential, which seems to be the consensus of the industry, and it is indeed the case: whether it is ordinary consumer products such as computers and electric vehicles, or sophisticated products such as military aircraft and various spacecraft, a large number of connectors are used. Although the connector is not the core component of various products, it is indeed an indispensable supporting role. The head of Weifeng hardware and electronics research and development pointed out that without connectors, all kinds of equipment cannot be effectively connected, let alone form a complete whole and play its role

Founded in 1999, Dongguan Weifeng Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weifeng Hardware Electronics) is a pioneer in this field, and its development process can also be called a typical epitome of the industry. With accurate market positioning, excellent R & D and production capacity, and innovative products and services, Weifeng Hardware Electronics has naturally achieved its own development and expansion in the process of expanding the connector Market: after occupying a certain share of the domestic market, its products are exported to European and American countries; Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Kunshan Weikang Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weikang Electronics) in Jiangsu; The headquarters moved to the new industrial park in Humen, Dongguan, and the production scale was further expanded. With the in-depth development of the industry, the types and complexity of connectors are increasing, and the product cycle is shortened. Customers increasingly need to find corresponding products and complete solutions

then, how to achieve great success in this promising market is a new topic in front of Weifeng hardware electronics in the new era. In this regard, the person in charge of research and development has long had a clear idea to solve the problem: the introduction of genuine cad/cam software with advanced technology will not only enhance the innovation ability and efficiency of research and development design, but also realize the standardized management of the use of design software tools

all problems are solved.

in fact, the CAD software industry has developed for so many years, and the pattern is clear and bright. There are only two cad/cam software options left by the market for Weifeng hardware electronics. One is to buy foreign brand software, whose functions naturally need not be mentioned, but enterprises need to bear high purchase and leasing costs; The other is to choose domestic brands with high cost performance, which can meet the needs of business use. At present, Zhongwang is the only domestic software manufacturer with two-dimensional CAD software and three-dimensional cad/cam software in the market. The head of Weifeng hardware and electronics research and development has paid close attention to the development of CAD software technology for a long time, so he is also familiar with the technical characteristics of mainstream manufacturers and products

a comprehensive and full understanding helps to make accurate judgments and decisions. Weifeng Hardware Electronics gives priority to domestic brands, and its cooperation with Zhongwang software is natural. From product technology demonstration to installation and trial, evaluation report, and then to formal cooperation, with the active cooperation of both parties, everything is done step by step. The final result is that the overall solution of Zhongwang CAD platform software + Zhongwang CAD mechanical version + Zhongwang 3D provided by Zhongwang software is comprehensively promoted and applied in Weifeng hardware and Weikang electronics, and all problems related to CAD software of Weifeng hardware and electronics are solved accordingly

since its establishment, Weifeng Hardware Electronics has adhered to professional production, from the development and design of hardware terminal molds and plastic molds of connector products, to precision high-speed punch molding and precision plastic injection molding, and then to the automatic assembly of products, striving to provide customers with high-quality products and fast delivery services. Therefore, as a product R & D and design department, it is impossible to be familiar with the functional characteristics of the CAD software and 3D software used. The person in charge of research and development said that the compatibility of Zhongwang series software is very strong, and the previously accumulated drawings and documents can be used normally. Zhongwang 3D modeling is flexible and the implementation methods are more diversified, which can provide a good consultant service and high design efficiency, so that engineers can pay more attention to the design itself. As for whether the software switching will affect the normal work, Weifeng hardware electronics and Weikang electronics almost gave the same evaluation: the logic of the software interface is clear, and it only takes one day to train engineers to master it completely. There is no difficulty in switching from foreign software to Zhongwang software

Editor's note: the domestic connector industry started late, resulting in large technical barriers in this field. As a leading enterprise in the connector industry, Weifeng hardware and electronics, after years of independent research and development and innovation, has high production technology and process capabilities, and can quickly adapt to the changing new product research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities of the upstream market. With the continuous deepening of cooperation with Zhongwang software, the two factories of Weifeng hardware electronics and Weikang Electronics will also be able to further strengthen their independent research and development capabilities and production capacity, meet the personalized needs of customers, better provide solar photovoltaic, new energy and automotive board to board, wire to board precision connectors and Solutions, and achieve on-time delivery and one-stop service

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