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Ti: how Internet technology can promote the automotive industry to reshape the future

Beijing, November 30, 2018/AP/-- whether it's the Beijing auto show, Frankfurt auto show or the "leftover" Chicago Auto Show, go to any large-scale auto show in the world, and you will soon find that major auto companies are making every effort to develop intelligent, intuitive and connected cars

Texas Instruments (TI): how does Internet technology promote the automotive industry to reshape the future

"many of the functions that cars have now only existed in science fiction a few years ago", said Hannes estl, general manager of TI Automotive ADAS and a senior engineer in automotive electronics

the emergence of interconnected vehicles has opened up ideas for our future automotive development. Although playing while driving will distract you, today's and future cars will not give up the communication function - and it is still developing. The difference is that the communication will be carried out by cars

connected cars bring a more intelligent driving experience

connected to the cloud through high-speed cellular networks, automotive communication provides a good opportunity to significantly improve comfort, safety and driving performance. With digital connectivity rapidly becoming the norm in the automotive industry, technology is reshaping personal transportation experience. More and more cars are able to connect a large number of connected objects such as personal electronic devices, homes and IOT

"today's cars are more computerized than machines," said hope bovenzi, an on-board infotainment system engineer. "These cars have applied a lot of advanced technology, and now we can use more ways to make cars more entertaining and safe."

learn more about ti's on-board infotainment solutions. With the gradual advent of the era of auto driving, the digital cockpit system is also evolving. The reform of automobile interior design enables us to experience more and more rich streaming media entertainment content

"imagine that on the way of a long-distance self drive tour, parents can reverse the front seat to have dinner with their children, or turn down the windshield, and the family can watch a movie while the car is driving automatically", Hannes described

self driving interconnected vehicles

these materials, such as titanium alloy, quick brittle, high and gold, will be implemented with the deployment of 5g mobile network, which will greatly improve the connection speed, increase the bandwidth and improve the communication between vehicles. This change will give full play to the ability of collective cooperation between cars. When a car stops in an emergency due to a tree falling down on the road, it will transmit this message to other people about 1.6 kilometers away behind. The demand for family housing is also increasing. Or, multiple vehicles in an area transmit information about traffic flow conditions or bad weather conditions to each other, so that they can re plan their driving routes. At the same time, the infrastructure of the smart city will also be deployed step by step. Light poles embedded with sensors can monitor and remind drivers that there are free parking spaces or bridges open to traffic

"these rich interconnection functions will make our cars safer, easier to drive, more comfortable and more fuel efficient", Hannes pointed out. "With high technology, who wants to drive or own a car by himself? Just press the button in the application, and the self driving taxi will wait for your arrival, fully abiding by Hooke's law."

intelligent system to achieve seamless driving

now we are experiencing a series of major changes, and we will usher in more disruptive changes within a decade. The innovation of Internet technology and advanced driver assistance system blend with each other, and jointly promote the gradual penetration of auto drive system into the automotive market. This will allow new design paradigms to become a reality, which to a large extent redefine the way designers and engineers construct cars and the way cars provide entertainment and information to car owners

people who want to buy new cars in the past few years will be more familiar with the intelligent systems that assist drivers and help cars perceive the surrounding environment on the market today. Adaptive cruise control uses the vehicle's on-board radar, lidar or camera to sense the road conditions in front of the vehicle, and automatically adjust the speed to maintain a safe distance. The camera feeds back the lane departure warning information to the processor to remind the driver that the vehicle is leaving its lane. The lane keeping system can take corrective measures to make the car drive correctly between the two lines. Image processing and computer vision systems have enabled cars to understand road traffic signs and automatically adjust the speed within the legal speed range; If the driver does not see the stop sign, the car will brake automatically. Such examples are endless

although there are still disputes about the precise driving time on the road, some experts predict that in the next decade, the advanced driver assistance system will eventually evolve into high-altitude or fully automatic driving without driver operation. The car will run seamlessly in the smart city, and the driver can drive on the highway without putting his feet on the pedal, holding the steering wheel or staring at the road

all these exciting innovations and the common premise for people to reconstruct the future of cars are also the most basic elements - the integrated circuit that Texas Instruments is developing to make all this a reality

"in biology class, students talk about cells as life components", hope said. "Our integrated circuits are the components of electronic systems, and cars are increasingly using integrated circuits. Times are changing dramatically - at this moment, the world of interconnected cars is so interesting."

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