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Ankang Power Supply Monitoring and analysis of daily line loss in the same period in the first half of the year China Power News on June 25, the operation supervision center of guoankang power supply company released the "monitoring and analysis of line loss in the same period in the first half of 2019 of guoankang power supply company", which monitors the daily line loss distribution in the company's public transformer substation area from the whole city, districts and counties, understands the progress of line loss management in the substation area, and finds and finds problems in the work

analyze the deformation measurement technical parameters at the prefecture level and the district and county level respectively according to the different levels of the data: the deformation measurement index parameters have a measurement range. According to whether the daily collected line loss data can be calculated, the data are divided into line loss calculable station area and line loss non calculable station area. Analyze the causes of line loss non calculable station area, and analyze the distribution and trend of mechanical components and aviation equipment components in the line loss calculable station area, Using tableau data visualization analysis method to show the latest progress and main problems of the company's daily line loss management

this monitoring is the latest practice of the normalized monitoring of the line loss management work of the company's operation supervision center. It summarizes and improves the results of similar work in the early stage, refines the monitoring granularity and monitoring dimension, and strengthens the closed-loop control measures such as problem discovery, problem suggestion and problem disposal, so as to provide data support for the development and optimization of the company's line loss management work in the next stage

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