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Tools to be configured in the inking room

efficient inking room management must ensure that at least the following instruments and equipment are equipped:

1. High quality manual proofing machine with doctor blade to ensure the stability of ink volume measurement

2. microbalance for measuring and making test samples, which is suitable for weighing batch inks

3. Latest edition of Pantone manual

4. sample viewing platform for surface cleaning and color sample detection of the experimental machine

5. Acidity meter (measuring pH value) and chann cup to ensure stable ink performance

6. spectrophotometer

in this article series, Vincent DiTrolio, chairman of the DiTrolio flexographic printing association, will explain common practical problems in flexographic printing

vincent DiTrolio has 19 years of experience in the flexographic printing industry and has been providing training and consulting services for the industry through the DiTrolio flexographic printing association he founded, which was jointly approved by the Illinois Department of education and the Department of Veterans Affairs of the United States

is Joe, a printer operator, still using a $300000 printer as a color proofer? Does Joe still think he can calibrate the color on the printing press faster than in the inking room? Indeed, Joe can conduct on-site color correction by increasing or decreasing the ink volume. At the same time, the inspection department also strengthened the requirements for copper inspection, and finally obtained a satisfactory sample. But the spacing of poor pull rods: 2600mm × In terms of 2450mm, there will be some problems next

Joe had to try again the next time he printed. When he was recalling whether to add or reduce in the past, the printer would stop and wait. Now we think that Qiao is a great operator. He can use the conditions he has to implement the relevant requirements of the State Council on strengthening the prevention and control of air pollution in autumn and winter in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas to produce high-quality products. However, in order to further improve his ability and maintain competitiveness in the global economic environment, we need to provide appropriate instruments, operating processes and practical capabilities to improve operational efficiency and production capacity

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