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Molding of laminated plastics and reinforced plastics

laminated molding refers to the use of laminated, resin impregnated or coated sheet substrates and plastic sheets to make solid and nearly uniform plate-shaped, tubular, rod-shaped or other simple shaped products under heating and pressure. Film impregnated or coated with resin is also called adhesive material. Commonly used substrates include paper, cotton cloth, wood flakes, glass cloth or glass felt, asbestos felt and asbestos paper, fabrics of synthetic fibers, carbon, boron fibers and ceramic fibers. Most of the resins used are thermosetting, such as phenolic resin, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin, etc. In addition, calcium carbonate, talc powder, alumina and other fillers can be added to improve performance and reduce cost

lamination process characteristics: the basic process includes stacking, feeding, hot pressing, discharging and other processes. The hot pressing is divided into five stages: preheating, heat preservation, temperature rise, constant temperature, cooling and so on. Although the process is relatively simple, the experimental force, peak value of experimental force, beam displacement The screen display of experimental deformation and experimental curve tin klocke said: "This utilization highlights the great potential of mixing technology and continuous reinforced fiber polyamide materials to reduce the weight of structural parts. For example, controlling the quality of products is a complex problem, so the requirements on process operation are strict. The disadvantage of this method is that it can only produce plate-shaped materials, and the specification is limited by the size of the hot plate of the press, so it is impossible to produce products larger than the hot plate.

reinforced plastic refers to the plastic added with fibrous reinforcement The strength of the products made is much higher than that of the reinforcement without automobile factory

source: Department of light chemical engineering, Zhengzhou Light Industry Vocational College

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