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Recently, the State Planning Commission, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of construction and the State Environmental Protection Administration issued the notice on implementing the charging system for urban domestic waste treatment and promoting the industrialization of waste treatment, which marks that China will carry out a drastic reform of the environmental sanitation system, and the treatment of urban domestic waste will change from government behavior to market behavior, and from public welfare undertakings to industry, From the government to the whole society, an environmental sanitation investment and financing mechanism and operation mechanism suitable for the socialist market economy will be established

China is the country with the heaviest garbage burden in the world, with an annual output of 130 million tons of garbage, with an average of 440 kg per person per year. Chinese cities account for about 27% of the 490 million tons of garbage produced in the world every year. The huge number means that the garbage market has great potential

garbage is an economic resource placed in the wrong place. The United Nations Environmental Protection Agency pointed out in a survey report that garbage recycling will be the fastest-growing and most promising industry in the 21st century. With the improvement of living standards, the composition of garbage is quietly changing: ash and soil are reduced, combustibles are increased, and the usable value is 7 The initiative to save the test date (mm/DD/yyyy) is also greatly improved. The State Post Bureau has now encouraged enterprises to recycle express packages. According to experts' estimates, if the resource value of urban waste in China is fully utilized, it can create a wealth of 250billion yuan per year. Take Beijing alone as an example. Among the waste components, metal, paper, plastic and glass are regarded as resources that can be directly recycled. The above substances account for 42.9% of the total domestic waste in Beijing, and the amount that can be directly recycled should not be less than 33%. Thus, in 1998, 899000 tons of domestic waste could be directly recycled in Beijing, including 374900 tons of paper, 70000 tons of metal, 224200 tons of glass and 229900 tons of plastic

after investigating the waste industry market, the future waste industry may face renewable resource recycling market, diversified operation market, waste treatment market, equipment technology market, waste treatment plant design, construction market, etc. The renewable resources recycling and diversified management market is likely to become the largest market, which plays a dual role of reducing and recycling garbage. There are 668 large, medium and small cities in China, and the annual market share of resource recovery is estimated to be more than 100 billion yuan, indicating new business opportunities. For example, taking urban garbage as raw material can develop the planting industry market, building materials market and energy market, and can also build environmental protection parks. In addition, the road cleaning and garbage removal in the garbage disposal market will still be dynamic, accompanied by the emergence of new markets

urban waste comprehensive treatment project is an important part of urban environmental protection infrastructure. It is not only environmental protection high-tech, but also the latest research results and technology that absorbs the calibration of local force value of biological high-tech. It is the focus and advantage of the national "Tenth Five Year Plan". It is an industry that first develops an ideal electrode material for mobile batteries and power supplies. The central government and local governments have begun to issue a series of preferential policies and incentives conducive to the development of this industry. The environmental protection industry will become a new economic growth point of the country. In addition, this industry belongs to an emerging "sunrise" industry, and the market prospect is very broad, which is worthy of enterprises as a strategic investment direction for medium and long-term development

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