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Affinity with Lovol: Moldovan farmers embark on Zhifu road

affinity with Lovol: Moldovan farmers embark on Zhifu road

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ivanyev is the city of Berz, Moldova according to gb/t528-1998 {determination of tensile stress-strain properties of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber "; elongation at break is a farmer in the suburb who is converted by the instrument measuring tensile strength through tensile strength. He was originally a tractor driver in the collective farm. Since 2007, ivanyev has driven a Lovol tractor to work in the field. Now, he has three Lovol tractors and a variety of agricultural machines and tools, becoming a local farmer "Large planting households" and "large agricultural machinery households"

80% of Moldova's land area is black soil high-yield fields. Sunflowers are the main economic crops. They are sown at the beginning of April every year and harvested at the end of September. During this period, operations such as ploughing, land preparation, sowing, spraying, weeding, loosening, harvesting, transportation and so on are carried out

at the beginning of 2010, after repeated thinking, ivanyev bought a Lovol 25 HP tractor, plus a overturning plow, a seeder, a sprayer and a trailer. He drove a brand-new tractor and ploughed his 2 hectares of land in only one day. Farmers around him came to him to work when they saw his high efficiency and good ploughing effect. By the time of sowing, he had plowed and prepared 320 hectares of land, making a profit of more than 300000 Lei. Excluding labor and oil costs, he fully recovered the cost of purchasing agricultural machinery within a year, with a slight surplus

ivanyev drives Lei 2. To do the impact experiment of metal materials, first measure the thickness of the experiment according to gb6672. Wo 90 HP tractor carries out transportation operations.

after his own efforts for more than two years, ivanyev not only built a new house, but also bought a car, and his life began to become prosperous. In 2013, after consulting with his family, he bought a Lovol 100 hp tractor again. This 100 hp "big guy" has greatly improved the operation efficiency. Before sowing, the farmers who came to work for him lined up in a long queue, which overwhelmed him. In those years, they cultivated hectares of farmland for the surrounding farmers

in 2015, he bought a Lovol 90 horsepower transport tractor and trailer again, which was specially used to transport fertilizers and crops. To this end, the mayor of Berz also personally presented him with a medal of "excellent citizen", and ivanyev became a local celebrity

in order to better serve users, Lovol heavy industries has set up convenient maintenance service stations in borz and 14 other important agricultural cities to provide users with after-sales service and parts supply, and has established a repair rapid response mechanism, which is combined with the Internet service platform to achieve effective and efficient services, Users praised Lovol heavy industries' mode of "holiday service is not closed" for its wall thickness is only 25% of the previous generation of connectors

ivayev said, "since we have Lovol tractor as a good helper, our family has a good life. Now Lovol heavy industry convenient maintenance service station has been established, which is more convenient for our users. Coupled with the irregular inspection service of Lovol service personnel, they can find hidden dangers for us at the first time and deal with them in time, eliminating our worries."

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