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Many owners will consider the cost when decorating. Many times, the high decoration cost is not because of our high cost, but because of the serious waste in decoration, especially for coatings. In order to solve the waste of decoration, we must first know where the waste is caused

(1) material calculation error

for those who are preparing for decoration for the first time, the calculation error of the required materials leads to the purchase of paint that can not be used up, and finally can only be idle, resulting in consumption and waste. If the decoration is a way of contracting labor but not materials, and most of the paint and coatings are purchased by the owner, then when the calculation is wrong and too much paint is purchased, and all of them are opened, the unused paint will cause great waste and consumption

(2) roughness of the wall

the roughness of the base surface is an important factor determining the loss of primer. The coarser the wall to be painted, the greater the loss of paint. For projects requiring multi-layer construction, the smoothness of each layer of paint surface and the sandpaper grinding effect after construction will also have a direct impact on the subsequent coating construction consumption

(3) improper wall painting methods

at present, the painting methods generally include brush painting, roller painting, traditional air spraying and high-pressure airless spraying. Although the method of high-pressure airless spraying is relatively fast, the coating consumption will be much greater than that of traditional air spraying, brush coating and roller coating

(4) improper selection of construction equipment

when spraying method is adopted, the different selection of nozzles will also affect the degree of coating consumption. In order to meet the requirements of tight construction progress and achieve high spraying efficiency, the construction unit or constructor may use a large spray nozzle, resulting in a waste of paint use

(5) environmental factors

various environments around the construction also affect the coating loss to varying degrees. Compared with the well ventilated and relatively closed workshops, the coating loss is obviously higher in windy outdoor places

(6) operation level of constructors

due to the different operation levels of individuals, different construction operators may produce different degrees of construction losses in construction, especially in projects requiring a large number of construction

knowing the reason, I believe we can avoid it when decorating




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