Wang Zulan's decorated new house was accused of be

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Wang Zulan (information picture)

according to Hong Kong media reports, Wang Zulan and Li Yanan will get married next month. Yesterday, the two attended a wedding cake sponsor event in Tsim Sha Tsui to feed each other gift cakes. Zu Lan also took the gift cakes into the venue in person. The two revealed that they were busy sending wedding invitations. After the wedding banquet in Hong Kong on the 14th of next month, they would go to Shanghai to entertain Ya Nan's relatives and friends

Zu Lan said that there was an episode in the new love nest. He said: “ I gave 90% of the money for the house decoration, but in the end, 70% of the total was more. I asked to see the list, but the other party said no. Later, I received several media calls asking me about this, complaining that I didn't give food to my workmates, but my house has been decorated for 15 months, and now it's still leaking, but it's all an episode& rdquo;




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