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There are many kinds of solid wood flooring, including imported and domestic materials, precious rosewood and teak, as well as popular sweet peas, birch, Manchurian ash, etc. due to the different kinds of flooring materials, the prices vary greatly

the indoor environment monitoring committee of China Interior Decoration Association issued a warning to beware of ceramic tile pollution, reminding consumers to pay attention when purchasing ceramic tiles:

1 Check the certificate. When purchasing stone and building ceramics products in the building materials market, you should ask the dealer for the product radioactivity test report. You should pay attention to whether the report is the original, whether the name of the merchant in the report is consistent with the name of the purchased product, and the type of test results

2. Test weight. Ceramic tiles of good quality are heavy and solid. This is mainly due to the selection and proportion of raw materials. The better the ceramic tiles, the greater the mechanical pressure during processing, so the weight is also heavier

3. Specific specifications. The floor tiles with good quality have uniform specification and size, uniform thickness, no defects in edges and corners, no concave convex angle and other defects, and the error of side length is not more than 0.2 ~ 0.3 cm, and the error of thickness is not more than 0.1 cm

4. Look at "face". The better the tile, the smoother the surface. The glaze is uniform, flat, smooth, bright and consistent in color; Those with particles on the surface, not bright and clean, different colors, uneven thickness or even uneven, cloud flocculent are inferior products

5. Heavy color. The color of ceramic tiles with good quality is consistent, and there is no color deviation. The main reason is that superior raw materials are used. After scientific proportioning, ceramic tiles have strong stability. So when buying ceramic tiles, you must pay attention to whether its color mechanism is consistent

6. Listen to the sound. Clip a corner of the tile with the thumb, index finger and middle finger of your left hand, hang it down easily, and tap the middle and lower part of the tile with the index finger of your right hand. If the sound is clear and pleasant, it is the top grade, and if the sound is dull and stagnant, it is the bottom grade

the indoor environment monitoring committee of China Interior Decoration Association proposed the following countermeasures:

1 In the decoration of office buildings and families, we should reasonably match and use decorative materials. It is best not to use ceramic tiles in large areas in the room

2. In order to prevent indoor radioactive substances from being too high, it is best to detect the radioactive background before the decoration of new houses, which will contribute to the selection of ceramic tile varieties

3. For ceramic tile products without test reports, the best way is to ask experts to use advanced instruments for radioactivity testing, and then decide whether to buy them

4. For rooms that have been decorated, experts can be invited to the site for detection. If the radioactivity index is too high, measures must be taken immediately to replace it. If the exceeding standard is not high, it is not necessary to remove it. Keep the room ventilated frequently or choose effective air purification devices





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