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In the white hot competitive environment, the brand awareness of wardrobe enterprises is gradually enhanced. Looking at today's wardrobe Market, some enterprises with strong brand awareness have emerged, and then those who are aware of it have also begun to catch up. In the view of the industry, the connotation of brand is very extensive, and the image is based on the unique temperament shown by internal factors. The brand image building of wardrobe enterprises can be grasped from the aspects of products, services and publicity. Wardrobe brand crisis awareness is gradually enhanced! Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

first of all, product image

the ultimate service object of products is people, "people-oriented" is the ultimate goal of wardrobe product design and production. China's wardrobe and even the whole household are still "better said than done". There are defects or deficiencies in the durability and convenience of products, space saving, health and environmental protection. The reasons are not only the lack of attitude, but also the lack of design concept and ability

secondly, service image

many wardrobe enterprises' services are not in place. Wardrobe enterprises are industries with strong localized service attributes. Whether the service is thoughtful and perfect directly affects the brand image of the enterprise. Similarly, poor service, in addition to the problem of business attitude, there is also the problem of insufficient service team construction and management ability

finally, there is a deviation between publicity awareness and concept. This is mainly reflected in four aspects. First, without product image and service image, publicity has become a "suicide" behavior. Second, there is a lack of enterprise publicity materials, and the publicity content lacks "human touch". Third, in terms of propaganda concept, they are keen on fancy, empty and pale shouting propaganda techniques, which are manifestations of no foundation. Fourth, weak legal awareness in publicity, lack of self-protection awareness of publicity content and methods, easy to touch the legal red line, causing damage to the corporate brand image

with the competition under the new normal environment, the awareness of wardrobe brand crisis has gradually increased. With the survival of the fittest in the market, some enterprises with strong brand awareness have enhanced their awareness of self-improvement and occupied most of the market. Those enterprises with weak brand awareness will eventually be eliminated by the market

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