Six ways of Mediterranean style integrated ceiling

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Guide: six different Mediterranean style integrated ceiling gusset collocation methods, with white and blue colors as the background, with different decorative patterns of gusset, forming a strong Mediterranean style. The overall household texture should be reflected in the details. If you also like the Mediterranean style ceiling, but don't know how to match it, these six matching formulas may help you

six ways to match the Mediterranean style integrated ceiling gusset plate

1. Matching method: white background + blue gusset strip

with white gusset plate as the background, inlaid with twoorthree blue broken flower plates in the middle, it conveys a taste of coastline, a unique flavor of the south coast of the Mediterranean, rock, desert, ocean, which brings a sense of vastness. This collocation mode is more practical in the kitchen, giving people a feeling of openness and extension

2. Matching method: white background + white bottom and blue edge gusset plate

the background composed of white gusset plates is integrated with the wall tiles. In the white gusset plate, two white blue edge gussets are interspersed with a strip pattern, emitting a personalized and free Mediterranean flavor, which makes people inadvertently imagine the charm of the Mediterranean. The choice of blue border appliances makes the whole top space full of casual and lazy Mediterranean style

3. Matching method: white background + light blue box

the main color of the kitchen is light blue cabinet, so in the design of integrated ceiling, light blue gusset plate is also used to form a box, which echoes it from afar. In the color dominated by white, through the faint blue melancholy, it shows a taste of fine sand and waves, the laziness of summer, and the simple fashion life. This collocation brings the contrast and combination of blue and white to the extreme

4. Matching method: blue background + central white gusset plate combination

because a large number of blue mosaics are used in the bathroom, the overall style conveys a sense of blue vastness. On the top of the integrated ceiling design, the blue background + white or pink gusset plate in the middle is used, which is like a beautiful island in the sea, bringing a sense of earth, It shows a special Mediterranean flavor

5. Matching method: white background + central blue gusset plate

Spain's azure coast and white sand beach, Greece's white villages are simply making dreams in the blue sea and blue world, and the blue mosaic creates a blue bathroom life feeling for the bathroom space





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