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The wardrobe contains all the clothes of a family and is a necessary furniture for every family. Nowadays, the wardrobe on the market can be divided into finished wardrobe and customized wardrobe. So which is better, customized wardrobe or finished wardrobe? Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce to you which is better, customized wardrobe or finished wardrobe

which is better, customized wardrobe or finished wardrobe

1. Utilization rate of space

a. Customized wardrobe is mainly customized according to the size of indoor space. Its style and the size of the area occupied by different spaces in the wardrobe are determined by the owner's preferences and needs, and customized wardrobe is usually top-level, which has a relatively high utilization rate of space

b. Generally, the specifications of the finished wardrobe are fixed, and the finished wardrobe cannot reach the top of the house as high as the customized wardrobe, and its internal layout is also fixed. It may not fully meet the needs of the owner, and there may be areas that are not practical, resulting in a waste of space

2. Decorative effect

a. Customized wardrobe is usually designed by designers, and the owner is satisfied with the style of customized wardrobe before production. Because it is specially designed according to the pattern of the room and the owner's preferences, its style is flexible and changeable, which can carry out personalized and creative design, but also cover up the shortcomings of the housing pattern, and the decorative effect is relatively good

b. The style of the finished wardrobe is complete, and any style that the owner wants can be found in the market. However, for some houses with multiple beams and columns, the finished wardrobe can't cover the room type, and the decorative effect is slightly insufficient

3. Save time

a. Customized wardrobe usually requires door-to-door room measurement, style selection, material selection, etc., and also requires a special production cycle. For some large brand manufacturers, it may also need to queue up for an appointment, which takes a relatively long time

b. Although it takes time to choose the finished wardrobe in the mall, it can be bought and used at any time, which costs relatively less time

4. Product quality and price

a. the plates used in the customized wardrobe can be selected by the owner. The process of the wardrobe can meet the requirements of the owner. Generally, the customized wardrobe is selected from manufacturers with reputation and brand, and its product quality is also relatively good. The price of customized wardrobe will vary according to the materials used, and the price of customized wardrobe also includes labor costs. Relatively speaking, its price is higher

b. The production process quality of the finished wardrobe is relatively stable. We can have an intuitive understanding of its quality when we buy it, but we can't be sure whether the board it uses is environmentally friendly. The price of finished wardrobe ranges from hundreds to thousands, which is more affordable compared with customized wardrobe

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