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I often hear many owners say that they don't know what style to choose when decorating their houses. They like many styles, so it's difficult to choose. Xiaobian thinks that owners like this might as well choose to mix and match. You can communicate with the designer whatever elements you like, and then let the designer skillfully mix the various styles you want to meet your special needs. Next, Xiaobian will take you to the owner's home of poly Lanhai county to have a look at the decoration effect drawing of the mixed building of three bedrooms and two halls

introduction to mix and match style: combine the eastern and Western aesthetic essence elements, perfectly combine the ancient and modern cultural connotation, make full use of spatial forms and materials, and create a personalized home environment. Mashup is not simply adding elements of various styles together, but combining them in a primary and secondary way. Whether the mix and match is successful depends on whether it is harmonious

decoration files:

decoration community: Poly Lanhai county (more decoration renderings of poly Lanhai county) decoration company: Lugong mansion decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: mix and match contract amount: 150000

poly Lanhai County mix and match three bedrooms and two halls living room decoration renderings

the editor can feel the charm of mix and match at the first sight of this living room. It has both noble European style and sweet Korean style. The living room is connected with the dining room, which looks very open at a glance. The long line ceiling makes the space look very spacious. European style chairs set off the room very nobly

decoration effect drawing of poly Blue Ocean County mixed three bedrooms and two living rooms

I believe you, like me, will feel that this set of sofa matches the background wall too beautifully. The owner said that she bought a large sofa after shopping in many furniture stores. Pink looks very warm, but also reveals noble and elegant. The background wall behind the sofa is stone patterned, which is very beautiful and can also make people feel a breath of nature

decoration effect drawing of poly blue sea county mixed three bedroom and two living room bedroom

the style of the bedroom is both Korean and Japanese. The Japanese style wooden ceiling adds an elegant charm to the room. The decoration of wallpaper and bedding has the warmth of Korean style. Rose red curtains are also good to match, which has the effect of brightening the color of the room

decoration effect drawing of poly Blue Ocean County mixed three bedroom and two hall restaurant

the restaurant is well designed and exquisite, and the integration of various elements creates a beautiful effect. Although the chair is very simple, it has a fresh feeling of the Mediterranean. The blue and white colors also match the dining table. It is also a great enjoyment for a family to sit in such a beautiful environment

three bedrooms and two living rooms of poly Lanhai County

community profile: Poly Lanhai county is another masterpiece of Hubei poly entering Nanhu New City in 2011. The project is located in the South Lake plate in the central area of Wuchang. The front line is adjacent to the lake and on the North Bank of the South Lake. It enjoys the vast South Lake of 760 hectares, overlooks the beautiful lion mountain opposite, and has a beautiful environment near the mountains and rivers. The project is close to Zhongnan business district, jiejiekou business district and Guanggu business district, and it takes 10 minutes by car. There are 15 bus lines on Xiongchu avenue to three towns directly, with convenient transportation. Shopping, medical treatment, education and catering facilities are available

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