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Luohe City is located in the south of the central part of Henan Province, in the crisscross area of the eastern foothill plain of Funiu and the Huaibei plain. There are mainly Shahe River, Li River, Yinghe River and other rivers in Luohe City, with beautiful scenery. The "great victory in Yicheng" directed by Yue Fei took place in Yicheng District, Luohe City. Luohe City governs the urban area, Yuanhui District, Zhaoling District, West Luohe District, Linying county and Wuyang County, with a total area of 2617 square kilometers and a population of 2.74 million. It is a famous food city in China. Shuanghui group, nanjiecun group and Lotte otili group are headquartered in Luohe City, including Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Master Kang, uni president, etc. Luohe is the first "Chinese brand city" in central and Western China and the second in China

Luohe dealers have been in contact with the company for many years. This time, they hold a huge sum of money to open an Yilian exclusive store in Luohe, with a total store area of 200 square meters. At present, the store is under decoration, please look forward to it





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