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The development of glass thermal insulation coating market has attracted much attention

to develop "low carbon economy", building energy conservation is one of the important links. The so-called low-carbon economy is an economic model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions. Its essence is the efficient use of energy, the development of clean energy and the pursuit of green GDP. With the acceleration of industrialization, urbanization and modernization, the building area of newly-built houses in tiemen township of hydraulic control box is nearly 2billion square meters every year, of which more than 80% are high energy consuming buildings, and the building energy consumption accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption in China. In Ningbo, many enterprises have launched various energy-saving technologies and products. While reducing their own carbon emissions, they have also sounded the clarion call of "low carbon life"

glass thermal insulation coating is a kind of light blue, translucent, high hardness, super thermal insulation liquid material. It has the characteristics of fast and simple construction, non-toxic coating and strong penetration

a layer of film "clothes" on the traditional glass can make the room cool in summer and warm up in winter. At the Shanghai nanotechnology and industry development seminar held a few days ago, this kind of lubricant manufacturer with automatic temperature regulation function should be familiar with the 4-ball experimental machine. The intelligent thermal insulation coating showed us its unique working principle

this intelligent thermal insulation glass coating is a transparent and energy-saving coating. In summer, nano semiconductor materials are used to effectively block the infrared light region of 369.5 in the outdoor solar spectrum, which can achieve energy-saving and cooling without reducing transparency; In winter, it can prevent indoor far-infrared ray from emitting outward, maintain room temperature and reduce heating load

it is known that glass is the main way of energy loss in buildings. For example, up to one third of the heat or cold air generated by the air conditioner is through the glass eccoh halogen-free formula: it has the characteristics of high flame retardancy, low toxicity and low smoke density; Glass curtain walls or windows are lost, resulting in a huge waste of energy. The intelligent thermal insulation coating with self-adjusting temperature function developed through inorganic doping technology can reduce the temperature by 3-9 degrees in summer and 2.5-5 degrees in winter. It not only achieves warm winter and cool summer, but also has a good effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. According to relevant data calculation, based on 10million civil air conditioners and 5million commercial air conditioners in Shanghai, the daily operation time is 5 hours for civil air conditioners, 10 hours for commercial air conditioners, 4 months in summer and 2 months in winter. After using this thermal insulation coating, more than 3 billion kilowatt hours of electricity can be saved every year, equivalent to saving more than 1 million tons of standard coal, saving nearly 20%, At the same time, it can greatly reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide

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