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The development of the food industry has given birth to both opportunities and challenges for the UV sterilization industry in the market.

pay attention to cleanliness.

with the rise of temperature, food safety issues related to sterilization have attracted people's attention again. These precision values can reach a maximum of plus or minus 0.5. Ultraviolet sterilization equipment has strong irradiation, high stability and long disinfection life. It plays an important role in the sterilization process of food production. At the same time, it is also widely used. Relevant surveys show that with the growth of industrial development demand, ultraviolet sterilization will usher in an excellent market. However, the ultraviolet sterilization industry in China is facing some challenges

ultraviolet sterilization technology is applied to the food industry

in fact, ultraviolet sterilization technology is widely used in the food industry. Its existence solves many problems such as food deterioration and food secondary pollution. It is not only a part of ensuring food safety in the food industry, but also a key item in food processing technology. It is of great significance for standardized and large-scale production. It is reported that it is mainly used in the following three aspects:

first, it can be applied to the disinfection of food processing equipment. For the equipment, the microorganism always stays on the surface, and the weakness of poor ultraviolet penetration ability is irrelevant. It does not heat, do not introduce 1, and automatically clear: the advantage of the computer receiving the instruction to start the experiment to inject other substances (including water) has been fully exploited

second, it can be applied to the pretreatment of food processing water. In order to reduce the microorganisms that may be introduced in the production process, the sterilization pretreatment of processing water is a measure to get twice the result with half the effort. Compared with the "chemical means" such as chlorination or chloride, UV sterilization without introducing chemical substances can avoid the risk of sterilization by-products and the odor caused by fungicides

third, it can be applied to fruit juice processing. The flavor of fruit juice can be easily changed by heating, so "non thermal processing" is very attractive in fruit juice production. The name of the fungicide alone makes consumers dislike it. Therefore, ultraviolet sterilization without changing the flavor and introducing "chemical ingredients" has a great place to play

opportunities and challenges coexist in the ultraviolet sterilization industry

in the development process of the food industry, after the ultraviolet sterilization technology has been widely used, China's ultraviolet sterilization equipment industry has also achieved good development. It is reported that its popularity in the water treatment industry is increasing, and the industry demand is increasing. It is predicted that by 2021, the market scale of China's ultraviolet sterilizer industry is expected to exceed 7.3 billion yuan, and the market prospect is optimistic

however, the ultraviolet sterilizer industry in China started late, and its technical level lags behind other developed countries in the world. At present, although there are a large number of ultraviolet sterilization production enterprises in China, the degree of scale is low, the distribution is relatively scattered, there are not many large and well-known enterprises, and there are a large number of small enterprises; There are not many well-known trademarks and famous brand products, and there are many miscellaneous trademarks. There are many "Shanzhai" and fake and shoddy products

at this juncture, ultraviolet sterilization equipment enterprises need to continuously strengthen technological innovation and promote product transformation and upgrading. The ultraviolet sterilization equipment industry is rapidly upgraded and highly sensitive to high and new technologies. The fundamental way for enterprises to achieve new breakthroughs and leaps is to improve their scientific and technological level and innovation ability. In addition, it is also necessary to increase the investment in science and technology, take independent innovation as the central link, jointly promote the technology leapfrog strategy, brand strategy, intellectual property strategy and standardization strategy, form a market-oriented, industry university research integrated and even full of risks and tests of technological innovation system, and form a strong core competitiveness

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