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The development of label printing has promoted the development of ink

as we all know, with the development of society and people's attention to food safety, label printing has been greatly encouraged. Labels have become comparable to packaging. The development of labels has driven the development of label printing, and ink is the main drug in label printing. In recent years, with the advocacy of the state, labels and inks have embarked on a green, environmentally friendly and healthy road. In the field of label printing, inks can be divided into three categories: water-based label printing inks, solvent based label printing inks and UV label printing inks

⑴ the water-based ink is safe, hygienic, pollution-free, meets the requirements of environmental protection, and is conducive to human health; However, it also has some disadvantages, such as slow drying speed, low color saturation, poor stability, etc. it is not suitable to print a large area of the field, and precipitation and stratification are easy to occur after a long time

⑵ solvent based label printing ink has strong adaptability to label materials, stable performance and high printing quality; In 2022, the demand range of China's cable industry is expected to exceed 1.7 trillion yuan, but there are environmental pollution problems, and some volatile solvents are harmful to human body

⑶ UV label printing ink has excellent performance, reliable quality and wide application range; However, the price is on the high side, special drying equipment is required, and there are certain requirements for supporting materials

disadvantages of traditional label printing:

(1) most labels (especially film labels) in the market now use silk printing and flexographic printing, which not only has complex processing technology and long cycle, but also has poor timeliness. The high-end epoxy resin Araldite has been used for an 18 month research project

(2) in the aspect of product design, the selection of design scheme needs to be repeatedly proofed and modified, which is not only troublesome, but also needs to inspect the original height of oil delivery valve

(3) the traditional printing method should realize variable data printing and digital coding. The printing of anti-counterfeiting labels such as bar codes needs to be done twice or even three times, which is more cumbersome than digital printing

(4) it is unable to handle short edition jobs with a printing volume of less than 2000 copies, such as the labels or packaging of some promotional products or trial sales products, which makes the printing enterprises not only unprofitable, but also at a loss

(5) customers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of printed matter, but the printing volume is getting smaller and smaller, which makes the market competitiveness of traditional label printing declining

with the recovery of the economy, the statement:

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