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On July 8, Yantai officially issued and implemented the guidance on investment promotion in the robot industry, striving to make a big breakthrough in the introduction of well-known enterprises and high-end talents at home and abroad by 2017, Strive for 1-2 internationally renowned robot enterprises and therefore 2-3 domestic leading enterprises to settle in our city

it is expected to establish a robot industry base

the opinions put forward that it will take the lead in promoting the application demonstration of robots in the two pillar industries of automobile and electronics in our city, and highlight a number of application demonstration projects with obvious effect, strong drive and high relevance. All counties and cities can promote the application of robot technology and drive the development of robot industry by attracting investment and building demonstration projects and exhibition centers in combination with the actual industry

according to the requirements, our city will select an industrial park with suitable conditions and complete foundation to build a solid platform area for the transformation of life sciences and Biotechnology of Shandong South University Students in Dezhou and Yucheng as a key industrial base for the development of robots. Guide the park to formulate the development plan of robot industry base according to its own conditions, focus on supporting a number of high-quality enterprises in the field of R & D, production and application integration of industrial robot intelligent equipment, and orderly promote the construction of robot industry base

attract enterprises to settle down by market application

for the investment promotion mode, the opinions are clear. Aim at leading enterprises in key fields such as international and domestic industrial robot bodies, robot precision reducers, servo motors and control systems, and vigorously carry out investment promotion. Insist on attracting investment by business and industrial chain, and introduce a number of key projects and industrial chain extension projects

demand replacement. Make full use of the opportunities of existing enterprises in our city in terms of technological transformation, industrial upgrading, intelligent upgrading and so on, widely contact robot manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, and promote robot manufacturing enterprises to settle in our city with local market applications

existing equipment manufacturing enterprises are encouraged to rely on their own advantages to horizontally combine with domestic and foreign robots or related key parts enterprises to enter the field of industrial robot manufacturing through grafting, joint venture, cooperation and other modes

establish an overall planning and coordination service mechanism

in the future, the focus of investment attraction will be on multi joint manipulators or multi degree of freedom robots in the industrial field, various advanced robots used in non manufacturing industries and serving human beings, and AGV intelligent handling robots

in terms of key parts, focus on the manufacturing enterprises of harmonic reducer, RV Reducer and its key components, servo motors, control systems and other domestic and foreign R & D and production institutions. And pay attention to intelligent system integrators in welding, loading and unloading, handling, stacking, painting, assembly, aquatic processing, fruit and vegetable processing, stone processing, gold smelting and other industries

research institutes aim at robot research institutions and experts and scholars of domestic universities and scientific research institutions, and encourage local enterprises to transform their achievements in the form of patent purchase, equity cooperation and other forms. Yang Gong introduced the expansion of the robot industry. At the same time, vigorously promote the investment attraction of the industrial chain, and attract the key parts enterprises supporting it to settle in our city with the help of local robot manufacturing enterprises; Mobilize the enthusiasm of robot parts manufacturing enterprises and increase investment attraction for supporting robot manufacturing enterprises

in the future, our city will also establish an overall and coordinated service mechanism. Led by the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, a cross sectoral, cross industry and cross regional investment promotion coordination service mechanism for the industrial robot industry will be established. The relevant departments and units of the county and municipal governments (management committees) and the municipal government should closely cooperate, exchange information and share resources, jointly formulate the regional layout and industrial planning of industrial robots, and coordinate and solve the problems existing in investment attraction and development

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