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Hefei: the robot industry has been listed in the national pilot

the project with an annual output of 10000 intelligent robots has been settled in Hefei Economic Development Zone, and the first intelligent robot project in Hefei has started at the same nominal driving force. In 2014, Hefei will seize the opportunity to enter the national pilot, vigorously develop the intelligent robot industry, and focus on accelerating the application and promotion of intelligent robots, the industrialization of research and development, and the construction of industrial technology innovation platforms, It indicates that this emerging industry has entered the best period of development

two key add-on robot projects have been settled successively

at the beginning of this year, the intelligent robot project with an annual output of 10000 units was settled in Hefei Economic Development Zone, which will produce all kinds of robots and automation products, and provide automation and a variety of intelligent equipment for many notebook computer manufacturing enterprises such as Lenovo, Foxconn, quanta, Renbao, etc

the first intelligent robot manufacturing project in Hefei started construction in Xinzhan District, with a total investment of 2billion yuan, which is divided into three phases. The first phase is the pan semiconductor industrial robot project, with an annual output of 300 clean transmission, assembly, detection robots and intelligent equipment; 2、 In the third phase, service robots and key components will be built respectively. According to the relevant person of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Xinzhan District, industrial robots can be used in various links of the flat panel display industrial chain, while the later service robots mainly focus on family services and medical services

a large number of robots will be made in Hefei

in October 2013, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance officially approved the pilot implementation plan for the regional agglomeration development of strategic emerging industries in Anhui Province, and Hefei robot industry was included in the national pilot. This means that more and more made in Hefei will appear in the robot industry in the future

it is understood that Hefei's robot industry cluster development will focus on breaking through core technologies and forming a robot technology innovation system. Since 2013, the development of Hefei robot industry projects has mainly focused on the industrialization of robot research and development, robot application promotion and industrial technology innovation platform

the national approval of the pilot of new display industry and robot industry in Anhui Province is a good opportunity for Hefei. Not only will the state provide 300million yuan of financial support every year, but also provinces and cities will have supporting policies and funds. Relevant people from Hefei development and Reform Commission believe that around this national gold lettered signboard, the robot industry can also cooperate with other industries and will depict the pen lifting industry, so as to promote development through application

the robot industry cluster will form

Hefei is not only promoting the construction of major projects in the robot industry, but also plans to establish several enterprise technological innovation platforms such as the robot technology service platform and the public service platform for industrial development, so as to improve the ability of independent innovation. At the same time, the robot industry cluster is also planning to greatly improve the scale and quality of Hefei's robot industry after its completion

according to Xinzhan District, Hefei, the total planning area of the cluster is expected to be 980 mu. The enterprises and projects that have successively settled in the cluster include the flat panel display automation complete equipment and industrial robot project of Hefei tongcai automation equipment Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 500million yuan, the flat panel display industrial equipment project of Hefei Shangju Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 300million yuan, and the intelligent robot project officially started last month

Hefei will continue to promote the construction of strategic emerging industry clusters this year, and create professional parks or bases in counties and districts with mature development conditions to realize the agglomeration and dislocation development of industries. Hefei development and Reform Commission said that by 2015, the city is expected to cultivate 35 leading enterprises with an output value of more than 501 twists and turns into a leading enterprise of 9 billion yuan, forming an internationally competitive robot industry cluster

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