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Shanghai robot industry has entered a new starting point

the colorful robot displays at the WorldExpo are memorable. As the Baoshan new factory of Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. officially started operation a few days ago, Shanghai Electric Group, as an important base of China's equipment manufacturing industry, is expanding into a new industrial space, marking a new starting point for the development of Shanghai robot industry

Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly invested by Shanghai Electric and Japan FANUC Co., Ltd. to align the two sections of the broken specimen at the fracture. Shanghai Electric is one of the largest equipment manufacturing groups in China, integrating engineering design, product development, equipment manufacturing, complete engineering and technical services. Fanuc (FANUC) Company in Japan is a world-famous enterprise specializing in the production of numerical control devices, robots and intelligent equipment, and has made important contributions to the cause of industrial automation in the world today

since the joint venture of Shanghai FANUC robot was established 12 years ago, it has developed rapidly and its performance has been continuously improved. Fanuc company of Japan has provided all-round technical support for the joint venture. As an emerging and rapidly developing industry, intelligent robot has become the focus of China's 12th Five year development plan, and it is also the key industry of Shanghai Electric Group, with broad development prospects. Today, Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. has not only set up multiple branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other places, but also developed system integrators, compared with typical medical materials such as titanium and cobalt chromium alloy, agents and other partners in various places, so as to enrich its own sales network and become one of the factory automation solution providers with the largest team size and the most complete division of labor in the professional field of robots in China. Fanuc products have also been widely used in various industries, and with its reliable quality, stable performance and excellent functions, it will continue to help reduce the number of maintenance, expand market share, and form a good prospect of cooperation with domestic customers in various industries

in order to meet the growing demand of the market, Shanghai Electric and Japan FANUC companies selected Baoshan Gucun Industrial Park to build new factories to expand production capacity. Through the implementation of the project, Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. will increase the annual design capacity of 3800 robots and complete sets of systems, 1400 intelligent machine tools and injection molding machines, with an annual sales revenue of 890 million yuan and a tax of 30 million yuan. The total investment of the new plant is US $16.8 million, with a registered capital of US $12million, and the investors each account for 50% of the equity

it is reported that FANUC Baoshan new factory not only has a new robot system factory, various laboratories, training and education facilities and technical service institutions, but also will set up a robot application technology research institute to comprehensively improve the service capacity, so that users can have a deeper contact with Shanghai FA. Many enterprises have shut down and transferred the entire automation business of FANUC, and feel the extraordinary automation experience brought by advanced automation technology

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