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Shenzhen robot industry orders more and more editor's note: yangxiaoxuan, general manager of tianweiming company, was overjoyed to tell that recently, there are more and more orders for machines and machines according to different water temperatures, and their uses are also different. It seems that the spring of the robot industry is coming

recently, a company in Beijing ordered a special robot from Shenzhen tianweiming technology company for the cleaning of large oil tanks. The robot can crawl freely on the metal tank wall and complete difficult tasks such as cleaning and painting at the same time. Yang Xiaoxuan, general manager of tianweiming company, was overjoyed and told that recently, there have been more and more orders for robots, and their uses are also different. It seems that the spring of the robot industry is coming

"made in Shenzhen" robots began to sell well

in April this year, Yang Xiaoxuan brought a prototype testing robot to Beijing to participate in the China International Police Equipment Exhibition. This square head and square brain robot, less than 3kg, has superb skills, and received an order for 10 sets for Yang Xiaoxuan on the spot. The robot can climb into the small-diameter air duct with camera, light and memory to do all-round work. 4. Selection index of intelligent tensile testing machine: reconnaissance. The staff can see the shocking scenes in the central air-conditioning air duct through the handheld display screen: piles of garbage, dust, dead mice, a lot of cockroaches, etc. Mr. Zhang, the buyer, is the head of a central air-conditioning cleaning company in Beijing. He said that with this robot, he can get into the central air-conditioning of the building to test, take photos and videos, and then convince customers with facts that they must clean the central air-conditioning. He is sure to be popular in the market

in addition to the popularity of robots of tianweiming company, the cleaning robot of "xrobot" brand developed by Shenzhen Yinxing intelligent electrical appliance company is famous in the international market. Since its landing in Japan at the beginning of this year, the product has sold more than 50000 sets so far, accounting for 30% of the Japanese market

Huang Xiaoming, general manager of Shenzhen Xinsong robot company, introduced that the domestic sales of robots this year are unprecedented hot. In addition to the gratifying sales of traditional products of welding robots and handling robots, three prototypes of newly developed CNC machine tool manipulators have also been sold and will be mass produced. "Due to the rise of labor costs, many manufacturing enterprises began to try automation equipment, so the enterprises we contacted in the past also came back to us to order robot products. Our sales in the first half of the year increased by about 30% over the same period last year."

Shenzhen enterprises "hold together" to develop new products

although the current sales situation of the cleaning robot of the "xrobot" brand is satisfactory, Zhang Jianzhong, general manager of Yinxing intelligent company, is not satisfied. He said that compared with the cleaning robot of the first international brand, the functions of Yinxing products are not comprehensive enough. In order to win more overseas markets, a new cleaning robot with sterilization, mopping, waxing and other functions is being developed, Once these design indicators can be successfully completed, the annual sales will reach 1million units. At present, Silver Star intelligence cooperates with Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences to further strengthen its R & D strength. At present, the two sides are cooperating to solve three technical problems, involving noise reduction, sensors and security projects

Yang Xiaoxuan also revealed that in view of the new demand in the market, the research and development task is very tight. For example, domestic detection robots can only complete the cleaning of large-size air ducts, and there is a lack of small-size air duct cleaning products, so more small-size detection robots should be developed; For another example, to solve the technical problem of using crawler robots to assist the disabled to climb and descend stairs, we need to cooperate with Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, medical device enterprises and other units

at present, Shenzhen has accumulated technological advantages, resources and innovation capability foundation, and has good industrial supporting capacity, which provides superior development conditions for the robot industry. What's more gratifying is that Shenzhen has gathered a number of technology enterprises engaged in robot R & D and manufacturing, including Fuchs industrial technology, Europen technology, eagle, Xinsong robot, Silver Star intelligence, visionary, etc

robot industry is a gold mine

how much market capacity does the robot industry have? Data show that from 2003 to 2006, the global robots grew at an annual rate of about 40%. In order to take the lead in this market, Japan, the United States, Germany and other industrial developed countries have invested huge human and financial resources in the research and design of robot technology, trying to become the industry standard and the future international standard with their own product standard

as the first national research institution settled in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences paid early attention to the emerging robot industry. At the ninth high tech fair last year, the Institute successfully hosted a robot exhibition, which is the first large-scale professional centralized display of robots in China so far. At the initiative of the Advanced Institute, in January this year, the "Shenzhen robot industry university research alliance" was officially established, and the preparatory work of the Shenzhen Robot Association was launched. This is the first industry university research strategic alliance in the robot industry in China, marking that enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes in the robot field in Shenzhen have begun to form a joint force, which will have a positive impact on promoting the development of the robot industry in Shenzhen and striving to build Shenzhen into an important base for scientific research, technology transfer and industrialization of the robot industry in China. Now, the Advanced Institute is accelerating the construction of Shenzhen robot industry incubation base

Fanjianping, President of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said confidently that facing the great potential of the robot industry, the Institute clearly proposed that consumers scan the sales documents printed out by electronic scales on the "meat and vegetable traceability query machine" and take robots as one of the key development directions, "Through three to five years of continuous efforts, Shenzhen robot industry incubation base will begin to take shape, forming an alliance, a platform, a set of standards, and multiple industry university research joint R & D centers, thus laying an important position in the domestic and international robot industry chain."


add fire to the "first taste of soup"

the rising cost of labor has made countless manufacturing enterprises complain endlessly. In sharp contrast, robot manufacturers have ushered in new development opportunities, and many Shenzhen enterprises have drunk "Soup for the first time"

this kind of Guangdong "old fire soup" tastes good, but it stresses Kung Fu when cooked

in addition to sufficient materials, the heat is more critical

under the environment of independent innovation in Shenzhen, the scientific research strength of Shenzhen enterprises has reached a higher level, and the firepower is also possible to "eat soup for the first time". Here's a story: in July, 2006, Huang Xiaoming, general manager of Shenzhen Xinsong robot company, came into contact with colleagues of the advanced technology research institute by chance. At that time, Xinsong was preparing to bid for the robot project of port container disinfection, so the two sides joined hands in bidding to jointly develop robots. Due to its obvious technical advantages, Xinsong still stood out against the backdrop of the rise and fall in the U.S. blow molding machine and thermoforming machine market in the fourth quarter, which was much higher than the bidding price of its competitors. In just one month, Xinsong innovated and developed a multi joint linkage robot mechanism. Researchers from the Advanced Institute conducted feasibility studies and tests on photoelectric recognition and ultrasonic detection. The combination of the advantages of both sides made a new robot that filled the domestic gap emerge. Now, five disinfection robots are working intensively in Yantian port

it can be said that without the technical support of the national advanced technology research institute, it is difficult for Shenzhen enterprises to have further R & D strength. This provides a template for Shenzhen enterprises to explore the robot market, that is, to work together with scientific research institutions to supplement the technological weakness of enterprises

however, robot technology, as a typical new industry representative of advanced technology integration, involves many subject fields such as computer, artificial intelligence, automatic control, sensing and wireless communication, precision machinery, optical electromechanical integration, bionics and so on. The supporting force behind it is far from enough to rely on only one Research Institute. This requires enterprises to integrate different R & D resources at home and abroad, and more importantly, the government to provide joint convenience. Only in this way, through the government With the joint efforts of enterprises and scientific research institutes, this deep-seated enterprise will have lasting firepower when it "eats Soup for the first time"

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