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Robots help patients seek medicine: medwhat

medwhat, founder of artificial intelligence medical application medwhat

medwhat gives medical and health related suggestions in the form of dialogue

2016 is undoubtedly a key year in the field of artificial intelligence. On the one hand, Google alphago defeated Korean player Li Shishi in the go game at the peak of human intelligence, which attracted global media attention. On the other hand, Internet giants such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google have released their own chat robot products

AI is gradually entering every field of daily life at an unprecedented speed, including medical treatment, finance, taxation, e-commerce, law, customers and many other links. Medwhat, a silicon valley startup, brings artificial intelligence into the medical consulting industry and uses chat robots to provide users with professional medical and health consulting services

medwhat founder Arturo devesa told Sina technology that he came to Silicon Valley from Florida four years ago and became a visiting researcher at Stanford University School of medicine to promote medwhat, a medical entrepreneurship project he had previously founded. He joined startx, an entrepreneurial incubator at Stanford University, and found mark Musen, a biological researcher at Stanford University School of medicine, as his entrepreneurial partner. In 2013, he officially launched the question and answer application product of MED what. Stanford University School of medicine is the professional knowledge supporter behind medwhat

however, before this year, medwhat's medical consultation was not a technology that would constitute macro crack Engineering Intelligence through centralized communication based on people's scattered micro cracks, but a way closer to Siri's voice search information integration. The real launch of AI mobile applications is still this year. To this end, devensa entered the accelerator training camp held by Microsoft, a giant in the field of artificial intelligence and went to industrialization. It spent four months in Seattle and became one of the star startups of machine learning

as a research giant in the field of artificial intelligence, Microsoft has been cultivating its own technology ecosystem platform, competing with Google to attract start-ups to use their own technology and promote their own artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies to all fields of life. Tzahi weisfeld, the head of Microsoft accelerator project, commented that we always choose the best startups to help them succeed. (accelerator startups such as medwhat) are very important for the future of Microsoft. In fact, medwhat uses Microsoft's AI API

de vinca told sina science and technology that we have been longing for robots in the future to provide you with various professional advice in life. AI doctors are such products, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation program, 973 program, 863 program, international cooperation program and other projects. We hope to integrate useful medical professional information through cloud computing and present it to users through artificial intelligence technology

opening the IOS or Android Application of medwhat is a simple dialog box. Users can use voice or text to talk with medwhat robot; Tell the robot its symptoms, and medwhat also gives its own treatment suggestions in the form of voice and text

during the test, sina science and technology told medwhat that he had a cold and fever. After medwhat asked about gender, age and medical history, medwhat told him to take acetaminophen drugs (common paracetamol), and suggested eating more fruits and foods containing vitamin C and drinking more water. Medwhat later said that if you have severe headache, dyspnea and hypertension at the same time, you should go to a doctor for consultation. When sina science and technology asked about the symptoms of diabetes, medwhat immediately gave a brief introduction to diabetes and the problems that patients should pay attention to in life

however, Sina Technology also noticed that medwhat is not a doctor, but an introduction to medical related knowledge. De vinca explained that due to the limitations of medical related regulations in the United States, medwhat can only play the role of a medical consultant at present, and it is impossible to replace doctors to issue medication bills, nor can it directly recommend doctors and hospitals. But he hinted that medwhat could cooperate with American insurance companies, which would be an important source of revenue

he went on to say that compared with users searching for health information on their own, medwhat can provide more personalized suggestions based on users' personal information, while accessing Apple's healthcare integration application healthkit makes medwhat better understand users. In contrast, Google search can only give many uneven pages. If it's a common health problem, users can save a lot of money by using medwhat. But he stressed that if users have serious problems, medwhat will directly recommend going to the hospital for treatment

speaking of the current difficulties, de vinca said that the biggest challenge now is to recruit professionals and further optimize and improve their products. He explained that the employment cost of artificial intelligence R & D personnel is very high, and the supply in Silicon Valley is completely in short supply. It is very difficult for small start-ups to compete for talents. Medwhat has raised US $1.8 million and has not yet conducted a round of financing. Their investors include venture capitalists such as Stanford University, Microsoft accelerator, and Silicon Valley newgencapital

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