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The output value of Shenzhen robot industry last year was 103.5 billion

on April 9, at the 6th China electronic information Expo, the 2018 Shenzhen International robotics and intelligent systems academician forum was held, and the 2017 white paper on the development of Shenzhen robot industry (Exposure Draft) was released at the same time. The white paper shows that the robot industry in Shenzhen is becoming larger and larger. In 2017, the number of robot enterprises in Shenzhen increased from 469 in 2016 to 594, with an annual output value of 103.5 billion yuan and an industrial added value of 36.2 billion yuan

the growth rate of Bao'an robot industry ranks first

the robot industry in Shenzhen has attracted much attention in recent years, and has continuously released new technologies, new formats and new models, creating a world-class comprehensive innovation ecosystem that is more than 264.8. The "white paper") was jointly prepared by Shenzhen economic, trade and Information Technology Commission, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen robotics Association

the white paper shows that the development and layout of the robot industry in Shenzhen are also slightly different: the robot industry in Bao'an District is developing rapidly, with the growth rate ranking first; The robot industry in Longhua District, Longgang District and Guangming New Area has expanded its layout, and its proportion has increased significantly

the development of industrial and service robots has attracted attention. In 2017, the output value of industrial robots in Shenzhen was about 75.556 billion yuan. Solvay is constantly expanding the scientific research strength of the group in 3D printing to ensure the competitiveness of enterprises, with an industrial added value of 27.512 billion yuan; The output value of the service robot industry is about 27.944 billion yuan, and the industrial added value is 8.688 billion yuan

The white paper points out that the development characteristics of the robot industry in Shenzhen are obvious. Industrial robots have turned on large-scale effects, and service robots have entered a period of rapid development, while subdivisions such as AGV, unmanned aerial vehicles, home robots and so on have shown a trend of sudden emergence, and key robot parts such as controllers and servo drives have emerged to make up for the industry gap

Hall 4 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center also has a special area for 2017 Shenzhen robot award-winning enterprises, showing 2017 Shenzhen robot industry enterprises and projects with technological innovation and market influence. 30 award-winning enterprises such as Shichun intelligence, Leo smart manufacturing, orange automation, and Yuejiang technology jointly unveiled their latest products in the award-winning area of the robot and intelligent system Museum for the first time

the Shenzhen International robotics and intelligent systems academician forum was jointly guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Shenzhen Municipal People's government, and hosted by the society of electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shenzhen to provide solutions for a series of industrial markets related to personal health, such as automobile, packaging, medical care, household appliances, and construction, Organized by Shenzhen Robot Association. Experts from domestic and foreign scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and other related fields gathered in Shenzhen to discuss the current market situation, future development direction and Strategies of intelligent manufacturing industry on China's robot industry and the need to check the safety hazards and health conditions in the working environment of pressure testing machines

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