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The total output value of Shenzhen's robot industry in 2018 reached 120billion

on cite 2019, according to the 2018 white paper on the development of Shenzhen robot industry issued by Shenzhen Robot Association, the total output value of Shenzhen's robot industry in 2018 reached 120billion yuan, of which the service robot increased the most compared with the same period last year, with a year-on-year growth rate of nearly 20%, and the output value reached 34billion yuan

at present, Shenzhen has become the city with the most perfect robot industry chain in China, and its robot core parts have been able to compete with overseas well-known leading enterprises. With the development of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, services will continue to expand in the future, and business robots in China are becoming more and more intelligent

the total output value of robots in Shenzhen increased by 13.82% year-on-year

according to the data of 1411 enterprises counted in the 2018 white paper on the development of robot industry in Shenzhen, robot enterprises account for more than 80% of the total enterprises in Shenzhen, covering advanced technologies such as modern sensing technology, network technology, automation mechanism, artificial 196 polyvinyl chloride (PVC) door and window sliding support intelligence, as well as products, equipment with sensing, decision-making, execution and other functions Enterprises of instruments and complete sets of systems

according to the report data, there were 594 robot enterprises in Shenzhen in 2017, with an output value of 103.5 billion yuan; By 2018, there were 649 robot enterprises in Shenzhen, with a total output value growth rate of 13.82% and an output value of 117.8 billion yuan. Among them, the output value of Shenzhen service robot industry was about 34billion yuan, an increase of 21.79% compared with 2017

the service robot industry has ushered in a period of rapid development

with the development of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, the service robot industry has ushered in a period of rapid development. The development of service robot industry in Shenzhen is significantly higher than that of industrial robots, and has its own brand influence in many subdivisions of system integration

for example, as one of the representative enterprises in the integration and development of the robot industry and AI technology in Shenzhen, youbixuan robot Co., Ltd. On May 3, 2018, guanxuan obtained US $820million in round C financing, with a corresponding valuation of US $5billion, making it the world's highest valued AI startup

the sales volume of Ubisoft reached 2million yuan in 2014, and exceeded 50million yuan in 2015. As of December 2018, its sales volume exceeded 2billion yuan

with the expansion of the Ubisoft ecosystem, Ubisoft is gradually moving towards the goal of becoming the first service robot operating system in the world to achieve mass commercial use

domestic service robot policies are favorable, and enterprises grasp the application scenarios of subdivisions

in recent years, the Chinese government has continuously issued various policies to increase the investment in the robot industry. According to the "analysis report on the development prospects and investment strategic planning of China's service robot industry", the sales of professional service robots in China have a compound growth rate of 10.46% from 2012 to 2017, The compound growth rate of sales of personal or household service robots from 2012 to 2017 is as high as 31.17%. It is estimated that the market scale of service robots in China is expected to exceed the $2.9 billion mark in 2020

robots in China started late, and service robots in China lag behind foreign countries slightly. The reason lies in the technical bottleneck of service robots, mainly chip, actuator and AI interaction technology

China's service robot industry is in a good situation, with the influx of capital giants and the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, making China's own mature consumer electronics industry more advantageous in international competition

in terms of technology, the development of global artificial intelligence technology has further promoted the development of service robots; From the market point of view, China is expected to become the world's largest consumer market for service robots, and imported detection instruments have always occupied the main market in China. With the establishment of a green channel for service machines in Gansu, the application scenarios of robot operators have been gradually expanded, and the market prospect is broad. Since service robots are in their infancy all over the world, domestic service robot enterprises are more competitive

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