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Robots help accelerate the realization of "smart transportation", but the development still needs to fill these shortcomings

transportation is the main driving force of urban development, which determines the flow of production factors, the improvement of urban system and the interconnection between cities. As an important channel for urban people flow and logistics transportation, ensuring the safety and smoothness of roads is the key element of traffic development

however, in recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization and the increasing urban population, the available resources for urban transportation have begun to shrink, resulting in increasingly severe road traffic conditions, and frequent congestion, violations, accidents and other phenomena. The limited road infrastructure and police resources not only lead to the above problems can not be effectively solved, but also hinder the upgrading and development of urban traffic

however, nowadays, robots are widely used in all walks of life. They will authenticate materials according to the needs of different product markets, which brings hope and dawn to the solution of traffic problems. Through machine replacement, robots are expected to show unique value in the field of urban transportation

robots appear frequently in the field of transportation

just a few days ago, Wenzhou traffic police department welcomed the city's first intelligent dynamic traffic violation audit robot, which sits in the command center of the municipal traffic police detachment, undertakes the workload equivalent to 20 people in the past, completes the audit of various road traffic violations efficiently and accurately, and effectively realizes the replacement of traffic police auditors

this is not the first application of robots in the field of transportation. Let's see how giant BASF solved it. In 2016, two years ago, robot Xiaowen with intelligent functions such as walking, visual membrane recognition, man-machine dialogue, navigation, running red lights and taking photos has already taken to the streets of Beijing. On December 4 of that year, Xiaowen, as the first robot in China to take to the streets to carry out civilized traffic guidance, joined the post of traffic counsellor in Tongzhou District of Beijing, showing strong application value

later, in January 2017, the traffic robot Ping'an baby independently developed by Xiangyang traffic police detachment also officially took the post. Through arm command, light prompt, voice warning, safety publicity and other functions, it not only realized the effective reminder of pedestrians' compliance with traffic regulations, but also realized the recording and display of pedestrians' and vehicles' traffic violations

in October of the same year, a mobile guardrail patrol and law enforcement robot was applied to the Beijing expressway section. It is called a law enforcement artifact by the traffic police. It can automatically shuttle on the expressway guardrail, during which it can capture and upload illegal parking and driving behaviors in the expressway emergency lane

in addition, many traffic robots have appeared in the past two years, with a total number of dozens. Nowadays, the application of robots in the field of transportation has become a trend. Based on robot technology, promoting the transformation and upgrading of road traffic to intelligent transportation is becoming an important direction of future development

machine replacement boosts the realization of intelligent transportation

so why can robots be favored by so many traffic police departments? On the one hand, it is related to the fact that the robot can quickly, accurately and effectively complete the work of full maintenance, traffic violations and accident handling, said the relevant personnel of the National Standard Committee of road safety. On the other hand, it is mainly due to the great value brought by the replacement of machines

by replacing people with machines, robots not only solve the problem of insufficient police resources in the original transportation field, but also realize the rational scheduling and utilization of existing police resources. Relying on artificial intelligence, big data, positioning and navigation and other technologies, robots can better undertake the tasks of capturing, recording, auditing and other illegal activities in road traffic than humans, so that people can perform and deal with them more. The two work together and cooperate with each other, promoting the efficiency and growth of traffic operations

in addition to supplementing and releasing police resources, the biggest role of robots is undoubtedly to promote the upgrading and development of traffic intelligence. At present, when the technology is still in the development stage, intelligent transportation still needs manual participation temporarily. With the gradual improvement of technology, it is possible to realize complete unmanned and intelligent transportation in the future

these shortcomings need to be supplemented in the future outbreak

of course, the application prospect of robots in the field of transportation is promising, but there are still many shortcomings that need to be supplemented at present. The first is the price problem. The high technology cost and purchase cost are not conducive to the popularization of large-scale. In the future, we need to strengthen the research and development of core technology and the upgrading of industrial chain, and reduce costs in all aspects to open up a broader market

the second is self insurance. At present, the self-protection ability of traffic robots is not very high, and they are prone to external damage when unattended. If necessary, these nine types of food contact materials and products include enamel products, ceramic products, glass products, plastic resin for food contact, plastic materials and products for food contact, paper and paperboard materials and products for food contact, metal materials and products for food contact, paint and coating for food contact Food contact with rubber materials and products for personnel to take care of, will undoubtedly increase the burden on the already tight police resources

finally, with the continuous improvement of the intelligent degree of traffic robots, the possibility of being threatened by network security will also increase in the future. Once hackers invade, it will have a huge impact on urban traffic. Therefore, enterprises and governments need to work together to improve security technology

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