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Siemens "crystal" decrypts the future of the city

this is a conference center, an exhibition hall, and a window to show the public the advanced concepts of the future city and infrastructure. In the Royal Victoria Wharf in Newham, London, a unique building in the world has risen. Siemens has integrated its wisdom in the field of city and infrastructure into it, opening an innovative dialogue platform for political decision makers, infrastructure experts and the public. Just like its crystal shape, many aspects of the future city will shine brilliantly here

on September 19, a grand celebration was being held in a dazzling crystal shaped building at Royal Victoria Wharf in East London. London politicians, infrastructure experts and senior executives and employees in Siemens' infrastructure and urban business fields gathered here in article 6.3 of the national specification gb/t 2611-2007 "general skill requirements for experimental machines" to celebrate the opening of this Siemens Exhibition Center for urban sustainable development, which integrates Conference Center, urban dialogue platform and technological innovation center, It will comprehensively display the advanced concepts of cities and infrastructure facing the future. Borisjohnson, mayor of London, who attended the ceremony, said that it had a good connotation of education and science and technology, and would show the public a blueprint for future urban development. Luo Xude, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said that the development of the world is accompanied by the rise and fall of cities. Facing the future, Siemens crystal shows various opportunities and specific and effective solutions faced by cities

window into the future city of Siemens' wisdom

it is reported that Siemens crystal invested 35million euros and took one and a half years to build. At present, it has become a new landmark in London, the capital of the UK. It is located in Newham, London. What new technologies, new attractions and new processes will they bring to the industry? Let's have a preview! From the nearby cable car shuttling between the banks of the Thames River, visitors can have a bird's-eye view of the crystal like panorama of home Victoria wharf. The larger mystery is hidden in the grand exhibition hall with an area of 2000 square meters inside the crystal, which shows visitors how the current infrastructure solutions can create a more sustainable and environmental friendly urban life for people on the premise of ensuring a higher quality of life, involving sustainable transportation, building technology, power supply, water supply and medical treatment

as one of the media representatives invited to attend the opening ceremony, I was honored to have a preview of the interpretation of the future city in Siemens crystal. With an ID card received at the entrance, visitors can easily participate in all aspects of the exhibition, understand the problems existing in the current urban development through interaction, and the ways and means to solve these problems: through the city construction game developed by Siemens, participants can become city managers and participate in the planning and overall planning of urban finance, energy, transportation and security, Understand how cities can grow healthily; In the virtual house, it is placed in the integrated laser station for fine trimming and construction of the exhibition area. Visitors can intuitively see how much carbon emissions they can reduce for the city by choosing environmentally friendly building materials; The film about the changes of world cities in 50 years shows visitors all the possibilities of future urban development

in all these solutions on urban infrastructure, Siemens' expertise in infrastructure and urban business is integrated. In addition to showing the technologies and solutions that Siemens can provide for the city to the public in the exhibition, the experts of Siemens urban capacity center will also carry out research and development on technology and innovation of future urban infrastructure in crystal. Because the actual situation and needs of each city are different, Siemens infrastructure and urban business has also established a global urban customer manager team, and crystal will also become the coordination center of this team

at the global press conference before the crystal inauguration ceremony, boleren, a member of Siemens' Management Committee and CEO of infrastructure and urban business, stressed that Siemens' infrastructure and urban business not only pay attention to the development of major cities in developed countries, but also the newly prosperous countries. Dr. Xiao Song, President of Siemens infrastructure and urban business in Asia Pacific, also pointed out that crystal brings together Siemens' leading technologies and concepts in urban sustainable development, as well as senior experts and engineers in Siemens infrastructure and urban business to carry out a lot of in-depth research here. All these will provide forward-looking technical guidance and support for the urban development of China and other emerging countries

open the dialogue platform of urban vision

crystal is not only a display center, but also has an auditorium that can accommodate 270 people, which can hold meetings, and opens an innovative dialogue platform for political decision makers, infrastructure experts and the public. It is also an independent forum for engineers, architects, urban planners and decision makers

following the completion ceremony, two conferences related to urban development were held in crystal. On September 20, the UN Habitat project held a conference with the theme of urban planning for urban leaders, which brought together many urban decision makers and planners to crystal. Besides the meeting, they will also visit crystal to discuss the problems encountered in the process of urban development and the solutions displayed in crystal. On September 21, the digital life design city conference sponsored by bulda media also attracted many participants to discuss topics related to the sustainable development of the city and the vision of the future smart city

crystal itself also provides a sample for future cities. It covers an area of more than 6300 square meters, but it is a model of high energy efficiency. Compared with similar office buildings, it can save electricity by 50% and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 65%. Magnodyn excitation system includes two parts, electromagnet and spring (elastic), which are fixed in the dynamic loading process. The demand for heating and cooling all comes from renewable energy. Crystal is also equipped with green power generated by photovoltaic system, and rainwater can be recycled through rainwater collection system. In the international evaluation of BREEAM and LEED in the field of energy-efficient buildings, crystal will get high scores in the two groups of Excellence Award and platinum award respectively, and become one of the greenest facilities in the world

with the continuous advancement of urbanization, how to build infrastructure for sustainable development is a problem that urban managers must face, Dr. Xiao Song said. Through crystal, Siemens has opened a window for people to understand how to use high technology to make cities more livable, greener and more economically competitive

starting from London

it is reported that Siemens crystal in London is the first and largest of the three urban capacity centers in the world that Siemens plans to build. Talking about why London was chosen as the first stop, boleren, a member of Siemens' Management Committee and CEO of infrastructure and urban business, explained that London has made outstanding achievements in urban and infrastructure construction, and its cooperation with Siemens is also quite in-depth. Typical cooperation projects include Siemens providing services related to the design, construction and operation of London's traffic congestion charging system, The toll area covers the whole central area of London; In the Heathrow Airport Express project, Siemens signed a 19 year contract to provide all vehicles of the express with comprehensive maintenance services including overhaul, renovation and cleaning all year round. London has become a successful example of Siemens' urban solutions

in the next few years, two smaller urban capacity centers are also planned to be completed in Shanghai and Washington, D.C

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