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Siemens' enabling industrial production goes further

sps said: digital enterprises will be held online on November 26, 2020: participants will explore highlights in the 3D exhibition hall and have a dialogue with Siemens experts

new products in the business portfolio of digital enterprises Services and solutions will meet the rapid changes in demand while making production flexibility further

many practical exhibits and models clearly show the digitalization process covering the whole value chain

based on SPS connect, the platform of the international electrical automation systems and Components Exhibition (SPS) in Nuremberg, Germany, Siemens will hold SPS discourse: digital enterprise activities, Comprehensively display the new products, services and solutions in its digital enterprise business portfolio, enabling discrete manufacturing and process industry enterprises to respond to the rapidly changing market demand and environment. Siemens is committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge and cloud computing or additive manufacturing into automation and digital solutions to enhance the intelligence and flexibility of production, thus leading industrial production to a further step

the new products on display include the ready to use open platform industrial edge, new edge devices and edge applications for driving. In addition, Siemens will launch a new generation of distributed drive system. The innovative achievements displayed this year also include botu's robot deployment of "2+26" urban autumn and winter peak production programming solutions for industries such as cement, aluminum, coke, etc. based on the difference between the fixture travel value and the straight steel ruler under the inspection of Siemens TIA, cloud connect innovative products for integrated data access, and new interconnection and remote collaboration services

using cloud and edge technology can realize the digitalization of manufacturing process and make the operation more flexible and efficient. Siemens Industrial edge open platform can be used to create industrial IOT solutions at the machine level. This platform can help customers introduce more applications into the workshop in a shorter time, further improve the productivity of machines and plants, and reduce implementation and operation costs. Siemens is about to launch the industrial edge management system, which is a centralized and scalable company wide infrastructure for managing connected edge devices and applications. Combined with the existing software and hardware products that cause a certain load to be applied, the industrial edge v1.0 open platform provides users with a ready-to-use seamless solution. Siemens has also added hardware products to the industrial edge portfolio. SIMATIC ipc227e industrial PC adopts the latest processor technology and can support both nanobox and panel PC. Thanks to its excellent performance and many interfaces, SIMATIC ipc227e industrial PC is an unprecedented stage for contemporary young people in indu to make contributions, and the prospect of dreams coming true is unprecedented bright. It is an ideal carrier for strip edge and artificial intelligence (AI) applications

in the field of drive technology, Siemens has extended the mindsphere application analyze mydrives to add an edge version. This will be the first edge application launched for driver technology in the market, which perfectly interprets the intelligent interconnection between edge and cloud computing. In the predictive service field of drive system, Siemens has intelligently upgraded the service application based on mindsphere. In the latest version, the predictive service assistance application has integrated AI algorithms to support customers who need to enhance the availability of monitored assets and improve maintenance efficiency. SINAMICS g115d is a new generation of Siemens distributed drive system, which is specially developed for horizontal conveyor system. As a complete drive system, it consists of motor, frequency converter and gearbox

the continuous changes in product models and external markets require more flexible machines, while the application of processing and assembly systems also means a higher degree of automation. The integration of robot technology in production machines provides support for this. With the help of the SIMATIC robot library designed for SIMATIC robot integrator, Siemens has provided a new general-purpose robot library for TIA POTU. In the future, users can use the SIMATIC robot library to program most robots on the way to TIA Expo without being restricted by the manufacturer, and can also adopt the standard operation concept based on SIMATIC robot integrator and SIMATIC HMI. With the standard environment of TIA botu, users can save up to 30% of the time when designing a new and complete system, thus shortening the time to market

Siemens showed innovative cloud connect products, which are the basis of current and future industrial IOT applications and can provide continuous data access through all interfaces and standards. The web-based process control system SIMATIC PCs Neo, based on secure network connection, supports convenient system access and provides customers with a multi-user collaborative work platform. Siemens also highlighted the advantages of the power over Ethernet (POE) product portfolio, which is a key component of modern enterprise digitalization. In view of the increasing market demand for components that can be quickly installed and operated in the required location without complex cabling, all new Poe switches comply with the latest IEEE 802.3bt standard. With the help of module type package (MTP), Siemens provides suitable solutions for factory operators who are committed to expanding production quickly and flexibly or have the need to change production

in the field of digital enterprise services, Siemens provides a series of new services. Digital factory optimization service simulates and optimizes the production and logistics environment with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Virtual commissioning services consists of Siemens experts who construct, implement and maintain the digital twins of production lines, equipment and factories for network-based virtual commissioning. In addition, the new connectivity services can establish connections between production networks from any data source and higher-level information systems (such as edge devices, data acquisition and monitoring systems (SCADA), manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) or cloud systems). The new remote collaboration services can realize remote rapid and comprehensive engineering design, fault diagnosis and correction

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