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Siemens expects both profit and revenue growth in the first fiscal quarter

on the morning of January 11, Beijing time, Siemens, Europe's largest engineering group, announced on Monday that its profit and sales in the first fiscal quarter will increase year-on-year thanks to strong factory demand. In addition,

Siemens said that when it released its first fiscal quarter results as of December 31, the new order growth announced by the company may be very strong, but the specific figure may not reach 23.5 billion euros (about 30.43 billion dollars) in the fourth fiscal quarter

Joe KAESER, CFO of Siemens, said at the investor conference held in New York: we have a good start and are fully expected to achieve our goals

Siemens' business scope includes high-speed trains, turbines, hearing aids, bulbs and other products. The company predicts that due to the substantial growth of new orders and the return of the original sales performance to a moderate growth level, the profit from continuing operations will increase by 25% to 35% in the fiscal year ended September 30, 2011

Siemens' industrial automation and drive technology division, whose main customers are manufacturing plants, contributed to revenue and profit growth in the first quarter

when talking about the core industrial business, it is expected that the price of domestic minerals will not rise in a short time. Cather said that the short cycle businesses such as industrial automation and drive technology are expected to maintain a strong growth in the first half of the fiscal year, but will slow down in the second half of the fiscal year. Cather also said that the short cycle business orders in the first fiscal quarter will show a double-digit year-on-year growth, while the growth rate of international business is between 15% and 20%

Kaiser said on Monday that the profit from continuing operations in the first quarter is expected to exceed that in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010, but the revenue will be significantly lower than the 21.2 billion euros in the fourth quarter

in 2010, Germany achieved the fastest economic growth in the 20 years since its reunification. Although cost pressures have increased, the latest data show that manufacturing has increased German jobs. However, the economic institution of Professor zhouxiaodong of the joint State Key Laboratory of chemical engineering of East China University of technology, the two leading countries in Germany, said that Germany's economic growth could not be maintained and would lose momentum in the next two years

like American competitor General Electric, Siemens has achieved strong growth with the help of emerging markets. The proportion of emerging markets in Siemens' sales has increased from 19% in 2005 to 30% last year

Siemens announced last September that it would sell its IT solutions and services (SIS) to ATOS origin, a French IT service company. Kaiser said that in addition to the stripping cost of 200million to 300million euros, Siemens expected to have a one-time fee of 500million to 1billion euros, including asset impairment. This expense will be mainly included in the first and second fiscal quarters. (Shu Yu)

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