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The new plant of Siemens' electric vehicle powertrain department in Erlangen, Germany has opened.

Siemens has concentrated the R & D and production of hybrid and electric vehicle inverters (including dc/dc converters) in Erlangen, Germany.

started mass production of powertrain of hybrid vehicles.

the new office building of the international headquarters of the electric vehicle powertrain Department has also been opened.

Siemens is expanding its electric vehicle business for R & D New factories have been built to produce and test electric drive systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. The new factory will produce inverters for electric vehicle powertrain. The production workshop covers an area of 1200m2, and the inspection and testing workshop covers an area of 1300m2. Various test platforms and laboratories are set up for the R & D department to carry out all the R & D work of hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain and charging technology. Through layout research, development and production, Siemens can respond more quickly to the personalized needs of customers in the automotive industry. In the new plant in Erlangen, the new office building of the international headquarters of Siemens' electric vehicle powertrain Department has also been completed, and the new office building can accommodate about 400 employees. 20 concentrate on developing the economy and improving people's livelihood. On April 27, 2015, the CEO of Siemens electric vehicle powertrain department, Mr. GERT (J RG Grote traction spline until the spline breaks ndorst), presided over the opening ceremony of the new factory, and many guests from German business and politics attended the event

Garten road announced at the opening ceremony: with the opening of the new inverter R & D and production center in Erlangen, we have successfully achieved the supply of mass-produced powertrain for the European electric vehicle market. The bad Neustadt factory, which jointly produces motors, is now able to provide innovative electric drive systems for tens of thousands of cars every year. This is a clear signal that Siemens is committed to the electric vehicle market

in Erlangen, Siemens invested tens of millions of euros in the new plant and production equipment of the electric vehicle powertrain department. As the new plant is located close to the headquarters and R & D Department of Siemens' motion control department, as well as its equipment manufacturing plant (GWE), Siemens has gathered its inverter technical expertise in Erlangen. Since 1969, Siemens has been producing frequency converters for industrial purposes in GWE factory, and is one of the world's leading suppliers of electrical drive systems in the industrial field. In 2014, Siemens opened a new production line for the production of hybrid and electric vehicle motors at the bad Neustadt plant. The motor and inverter are the key components of the powertrain of hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles

Ilse Aigner, Minister of economy, media, energy and technology of Bavaria, pointed out that electric vehicles are a grand topic. We have realized its great significance and are promoting the development of this technology through the future electric vehicle offensive. Siemens' groundbreaking investment in the field of electric vehicles has helped Bavaria further strengthen its economic innovation capacity. The achievements of leading enterprises and scientific research institutions in the region have made Bavaria firmly in the forefront of the electric vehicle business

Joachim Herr, Minister of the interior of Bavaria and responsible for infrastructure and transportation, made customers feel warm. Mann said: the establishment of Siemens' new factory means that Bavaria is trying to expand its electric vehicle business outside the region

Dr. Florian Janik, mayor of Erlangen, said: Siemens is committed to building a new factory in Erlangen and investing in future technology. This not only benefits Erlangen from a commercial point of view, but also provides answers to questions such as how to build sustainable urban transportation: electric vehicles can save resources and reduce emissions, which will make an important contribution to future transportation

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