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Siemens "experience one car" activity continued to be launched in Chengdu

in November 2009, Siemens "experience one car" activity continued to be launched in Chengdu. In a short period of more than one month, more than 30 customers brought the latest and most comprehensive product introductions, industry solutions and success stories

at the beginning of November, "experience the same car" Bai visited Chengdu innovative corrugated Technology Co., Ltd. in view of the above dilemma, introduced the s and KTP compact screens to customers, especially the remote maintenance function of Siemens PLC, which ensured customers' purchase and made users very interested. Finally, he persuaded customers to choose SPLC and mp277hmi on export equipment, and now he has begun to help customers convert procedures

in the middle of November, "experience · the same car" visited Chengdu Fuhua water treatment equipment factory and Chengdu Jinhe dust removal and purification equipment Co., Ltd. the customers agreed with the superior cost performance of S. Chengdu Fuhua has prepared to purchase 2sets, and Chengdu Jinhe began to use the demo provided by Siemens for function test in addition to the water ripple fried dough twist (fish scale) mark dust on the surface

"experience the same car" will continue to move forward in the southwest, bringing Siemens solutions to more customers and schools, which will further affect the employment of tens of thousands of people in the United States

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