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Siemens Digital Enterprise Suite creates the perfect wave for surf Loch

Beijing, China, June 2, 2021. Surf Loch, headquartered in California, USA, has been committed to the research and development of wave making technology since the 1980s. Mechanical universal experimental machine: it is realized by using the principle of leverage. At present, this company is using the software and automation technology in the Siemens xcelerator solution portfolio, Create a wave making pool that can customize the waves according to the surfers' personalized needs. By using this procedure, which is applicable to digital twins at room temperature, and integrating the digital world and the real world, surf Loch can create customized waves through software simulation before actual construction and testing in physical facilities, so as to deliver waves that meet the personalized needs of surfers, and can output stable and consistent waves according to their personal skill level. In addition to software solutions, surf Loch also introduces other parts of Siemens' Digital Enterprise Suite, such as automation and drive technology, to optimize the surfing pool

in the process of making waves, we must strictly control all aspects of wave composition, accurate to one thousandth of a second. Tom lochtefeld, founder and CEO of surf Loch, said that by cooperating with Siemens, we have obtained the unique ability to connect the real and digital worlds, so as to meet the required accuracy. Using digital technology, we can create 400 waves per hour for surfers. Generally, surfers are lucky to encounter five waves per hour

surf Loch's vision is to allow anyone to surf anywhere without affecting the uniqueness of the marine experience. With this sport becoming more and more popular around the world, surf Loch hopes to attract more surfers to its surfing pool to experience high-quality services, so as to reduce the impact of human activities on natural beaches

surf Loch uses xcelerator's series of solutions to create waves of different specifications while ensuring a realistic sea surfing experience. Surf Loch team created the digital twins of waves, and through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and multidisciplinary optimization, identified all the key settings of wave generation equipment to create ideal waves. In addition, surf Loch also uses Teamcenter software for data and document management, and can collaborate with partners on drawings and design changes through the cloud. With the continuous expansion of surf Loch business, it has opened multiple sites around the world and plans to further use this technology to achieve efficiency improvement, energy consumption optimization and predictive maintenance. Based on mindsphere, an industrial IOT as a service solution from Siemens, surf Loch can measure asset performance, plan service time, and realize asset monitoring and management locally

before deploying xcelerator, surf Loch has used Siemens' SIMOTION motion control, SINAMICS drive technology and TIA botu fully integrated automation software (TIA portal) to make the waves generated in its wave making pool reach the necessary accuracy. By combining all these solutions, surf Loch has achieved the ability to create a variety of customizable waves, which can not only provide consistent and reproducible waveforms for beginners, but also provide advanced people with ideal waves created on demand. In addition,

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