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Siemens: the Expo Park is our pavilion.

as the largest Expo in history, people who have been to the 2010 Shanghai Expo Park can feel the grand occasion of this Expo. According to statistics, the planned land area of Shanghai WorldExpo park between Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge is 5.28 km2, and the fenced area (the range of tickets charged) also reaches about 3.28 km2. However, some people say that the whole WorldExpo park is our pavilion

Dr. Hao Ruiqiang, CEO of Siemens Northeast Asia and President and CEO of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., said this sentence, which stems from the close relationship between Siemens and the Expo

Siemens has been a pioneer and participant in the WorldExpo for nearly 160 years, and the Shanghai WorldExpo is no exception. The technology provided by Siemens has been widely used in more than 40 projects in the Expo Park, including the Expo Axis, the China National Pavilion, the Expo Theme Pavilion, the Expo Center, the five permanent buildings of the Expo Cultural Center, and the German Pavilion. Siemens' technology and solutions have also been widely used in the upgrading and transformation of urban infrastructure in Shanghai in the early stage to meet the World Expo, such as Shanghai Waigaoqiao coal-fired power plant, which uses Siemens' technology to achieve 46% power generation efficiency, and Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway high-speed train, which uses Siemens to provide key components. It is understood that the total value of the contracts related to the Expo is more than 1billion euros, 90% of which are related to environmental protection products and solutions

in the Expo Park, about 150000 LED lamps produced by OSRAM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens, will illuminate the exhibition hall and roads with soft red, gold and white tricolor lights. These LED lamps can save 80% energy compared with ordinary incandescent lamps; The 66m high China Pavilion fully adopts Siemens' energy-saving building technology and has become a green landmark of the Shanghai WorldExpo; The German Pavilion, which was built with the participation of Siemens energy-saving building technology, showed guests efficient power transmission and energy-saving buildings through films and exhibitions; With Siemens' innovative technology, Hamburg house's energy consumption is lower than that of any other similar buildings in the world. The secret is that it can use various electrical equipment and heat generated by visitors' bodies as its energy source; Siemens also provides some high-efficiency power distribution equipment and fire-fighting systems in the Expo Park. Obviously, the realization of the low-carbon Expo goal cannot be separated from the outstanding contribution of Siemens' environmental protection technology

as a global partner of the WorldExpo, Siemens has built a 1600 M2 Siemens WorldExpo VIP reception center in the Theme Pavilion of the WorldExpo, and their worldwide spread is through the wooden packaging materials used in international shipping. Here, XIMENZI shows its solutions for urban sustainable development and its outstanding contributions to the WorldExpo. More than 5000 guests also enjoyed a modern dance drama with the theme of urbanization and resource shortage, which vividly conveyed the concept of green environmental protection

in addition to global partners, Siemens in the WorldExpo also has another identity, that is, the official partner of German and Chinese peer activities. The event is a three-year friendly cooperation project between Germany and China. The Expo station is the end of the event. The organizer of the event has set up a German Chinese peer Home Pavilion in the Expo Park, in which Siemens makes tourists feel the changes brought by its solutions to the city through interactive city building games

in fact, Siemens and Shanghai have already forged an indissoluble bond in the cooperation of the WorldExpo. At the 2000 World Expo in Hannover, Germany, Siemens sponsored Shanghai to participate in 2. If the experiment continues, using a similar concept, the 1st century theme pavilion jointly described the vision of Shanghai's development in the form of equity participation and underwriting rights in 2030, and supported Shanghai's successful bid for the 2010 World Expo. Now, the 2010 WorldExpo has shown the world how Shanghai has promoted the development of low-carbon economy in recent years, while Siemens has shown solutions related to smart electricity, energy efficiency improvement, electric vehicles and so on in some venues of the Expo

I believe that through the tour, tourists will have the same feeling as the theme of Siemens Expo VIP reception center. Siemens will make the city better

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