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Siemens "digital twins" reprints the digitalization taste of machine tools

Abstract: Siemens focuses on "digital manufacturing of machine tools" and shows how to use "digital twins" to realize the whole process of product development, design, production and service in the process of machine tool processing and manufacturing, so as to improve productivity, availability and process reliability, optimize processing accuracy, design Processing process and even maintenance and service

from April 9 to 13, 2018, the 10th China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (CCMT 2018) with the theme of "focus - digital, Internet and intelligent manufacturing" with the increasingly extensive application of plastics made a strong landing in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Siemens focuses on "digital manufacturing of machine tools" and shows how to use "digital twins" to realize the whole process of product development, design, production and service in the process of machine tool processing and manufacturing, so as to improve productivity, availability and process reliability, and optimize processing accuracy, design, processing process and even maintenance and service. At the same time, the new products of CNC system software and hardware: the full series of SINUMERIK 808d, 828d and 840D CNC system will form a coking protective layer to suppress the spread of combustion

two dimensions show "digital manufacturing of machine tools"

as soon as you enter the Siemens booth, you can see the display screen everywhere

"please don't mistakenly think that you have entered the TV mall," xuzhengshun, general manager of machine tool numerical control system of motion control department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. Digital Factory Group, humorously explained that from the simulation in the field of numerical control manufacturing, virtual machine tools and the integration of numerical control system and factory it system, industrial software plays a great role in Siemens' digital manufacturing

Xu Zhengshun said that both Siemens' digital enterprise solutions with "digital twins" as the core, which can create full value chain advantages for machine tool manufacturers and machine tool users, and the mindsphere "manage mymachines" application program, which opens a new business model for digital enterprises, benefit from Siemens' forward-looking layout in the field of industrial software. Although it is impossible to move the digital machine tool workshop to the exhibition site, the true meaning behind Xijia's "digital twins" can be truly understood through one display screen

for example, using the "manage mymachines" application program on mindsphere, Siemens connects two machine tools in Beijing CNC technology application center on site to show the audience the relevant machine tool data collected and analyzed with the help of the application program. "Manage mymachines" can easily and quickly connect machine tool numerical control systems such as SINUMERIK 840D SL with mindsphere, provide users with information from online machines, and enable users to clearly understand the current and historical status of machine tools, so as to shorten machine tool downtime, optimize service and maintenance processes, and improve productivity

the first impression left by the Xijia booth to industrial control is that there is a clear distinction between the two. Facing the Xijia booth, the left half is displayed in the dimension of machining process, and the right half is for the digital manufacturing of the machine tool itself. In the middle is a series of new products of CNC system software and hardware: a full range of SINUMERIK 808d, 828d and 840D CNC systems. Xijia also showed the "booth plan" at the front of the booth very attentively. No matter you are an end-user or an equipment manufacturer, you can "follow the map" to find a digital upgrade strategy that fits your heart

"digital twins": how to restore the "color, fragrance" of dishes in a virtual environment

how to realize the digital manufacturing of machine tools, Siemens sacrificed the artifact "digital twins"

for machine tools with Siemens control technology, the control system of the virtual machine tool uses the same language code as the SINUMERIK numerical control system of Siemens. With the help of virtual NC kernel, the "digital twins" of simulation and test run can be generated, that is, the completely corresponding virtual images, so as to conduct virtual tests on programs and complex motion sequences in advance, so as to improve the accuracy and reliability of subsequent processing of solid machine tools and minimize the adjustment time. These advantages are more obvious in the production of small batches and customized products

"Siemens' unique and most core competitiveness is that we can 'virtual NC core', which can simulate the process, performance, operation effect, etc. of CNC machine tools." Xu Zhengshun deepens his understanding with an image metaphor: for example, when making braised meat, many recipes will tell you the operation steps (process simulation and simulation), but whether it looks like the real look on the album depends on the chef's skill. Siemens "digital twins" can simulate all the "color, fragrance and taste" of this dish. As long as you follow it, you can reproduce the "Chef's skill" behind the album

as a large mechanical equipment, the construction and commissioning cycle of machine tools is relatively long. If in the traditional way, both the supplier and the demander need to spend a lot of time and energy to ensure the normal operation of the production line. Once the equipment has problems or the design is unreasonable, the solution of the physical world is quite laborious. In contrast, from the initial design to the digital simulation of production, commissioning, operation and service, it can greatly shorten the production, commissioning and marketing time of machine tools, and let customers take a big step ahead of the starting line

new product launches always attract attention

at the scene, Siemens exhibited a series of new products of CNC system software and hardware - for example, our complete series of SINUMERIK 808d, 828d and 840D CNC systems, such as rib braiding and shape braiding catheter products specially processed for minimally invasive surgery, comprehensively covering the control solutions of universal and standard machine tools, to modular advanced solutions, and then to intelligent solutions for high-end workpiece production

among them, the newly upgraded SINUMERIK 840D SL numerical control system adopts multi-core processor technology and drive based high-performance NCU (numerical control unit), which has higher performance potential. In the NCU link, 30 processing channels can control up to 93 axes; PROFINET, the leading industrial Ethernet standard, is used for communication. Its excellent communication function can be perfectly integrated into Siemens fully integrated automation (TIA) environment, and engineering configuration can be carried out through TIA botu engineering software platform; With an open architecture, by using SINUMERIK integrate, the CNC system can be optimally adjusted according to the process conditions of the machine tool, thus ensuring a high degree of flexibility in the production automation environment

sinumerik 808d advanced is a popular CNC system based on the operation panel. Its compact structure and convenient use are suitable for turning and milling applications. SINUMERIK 828d basic, 828d and 828d advanced are cost-effective numerical control systems with high numerical control performance and easy debugging

in addition, Siemens also exhibited supporting SINAMICS drive series, simotics motor series, motorized spindles and other products, the successful application of CNC systems in aerospace, automotive, medical, electric power, electronic parts processing, education and other industries, as well as PLM product life cycle management soft flat experimental parts, financial leasing, electric cabinet integration and other value-added service solutions

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