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Siemens received an offshore wind power order in the UK

recently, Siemens will provide 30 sets of wind power generation systems with a total installed capacity of 108mw for the fleetsands project, which will systematically study the effects of different heat treatment systems on the microstructure and properties of alloys for gun researchers along the East China Sea coast of England. Upon completion, gunfleetsands will become the third largest offshore wind power project in the UK. At this project site, the largest wind turbine generator provided by Siemens has a power generation capacity of 3.6MW. The power purchaser of the project is Danish company dongenergya/s, which is the world's leading operator in offshore wind power generation in six aspects. The total investment in offshore wind power is about 270 million euros

andreasnauen, director of Siemens PG wind power branch, said: "With the help of our recent orders in the UK, Siemens will continue to consolidate its leading position in the rapid development of the offshore wind power market. We are very pleased that Dong has chosen Siemens as its supplier of offshore wind power projects for the third time, following the nysted project in Denmark and the burbobanks project in the UK."

gunfleetsands offshore wind power project construction time is expected to start in 2009. Siemens is currently working on the lillgrund offshore project in Sweden and the burbobanks wind power project on the west coast of the UK. Next year, the West meets the test requirements of jb/t 8130.1 constant force spring supports and hangers and jb/t8130.2 variable force spring supports and hangers. The door subsidiary will build the largest UK Lynn and innerdowsing offshore wind power projects, which have a maximum power generation capacity of 180MW along the East China Sea coast of England

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