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Behind the "salted fish turn over" of Chongqing BASF project, the world's tallest skyscraper with a total investment of more than 620 meters is "upwind preparation". The BASF chemical project "salted fish turn over" with a total investment of 40 billion yuan. Wen Qiang, the former director of the Justice Bureau, who "ate everything" in black and white, was sentenced to death in the first instance - in recent Chongqing, there have been dramatic topics

this series of events seems to be out of touch, but they all reflect the contradiction between the ambition to catch up with the economy of the largest city in Western China and the unsatisfactory market environment. A huge investment plan of up to 1trillion yuan will provide the answer for people

behind BASF's "turnaround"

another focus of public opinion in the above trillion investment plan is that some industrial projects that have stalled for various reasons have been listed again, including the widely controversial BASF MDI integration project

in 2008, BASF, a German chemical giant, decided to invest US $4billion in Chongqing to build an MDI project with a capacity of 400000 tons. MDI is the most important raw material for the production of polyurethane. She organized a theft gang. As a new material, the latter is widely used in national defense, aerospace, light industry, chemical industry, petroleum, textile, transportation, automobile, medical and other fields

the Chongqing municipal Party committee and government listed the project as the "No. 1 project" in 2008, with Huang Qifan, then the executive vice mayor, as the commander. However, the disclosure of relevant project construction information caused an uproar

environmentalists and media questioned this large-scale chemical project located in the core area of the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Greenpeace pointed out that although MDI is less volatile and easy to store and manage, and its toxicity to the environment and human body is not severe, the raw materials and intermediates that may be used in its production process are very dangerous. In February, 2009, China business daily also visited the process of the project (for details, see this reason n in 2009; during the whole mold opening trip during mold installation, the Japanese newspaper reported on February 28 that "Chongqing choice: BASF MDI project started in October"). Due to the pressure of public opinion from all parties, the construction of the project once came to a standstill

this time, BASF project is not only included in the new trillion investment plan, but also remains one of the few projects led by municipal leaders. It is reported that 17 sets of large-scale supporting devices such as acetylene production from natural gas will be started this year

China business daily learned from relevant people in Changshou District, Chongqing, where the project is located that the total investment scale of the project has been expanded from the original US $4billion to about US $6billion (equivalent to about 40billion yuan). So far, the demolition area has reached more than 4000 mu, including 2700 mu of leveled land. According to the progress of civil engineering, more than 12 million earth and stone volume will be completed from January to June this year

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