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Siemens estimates that the sales of wind turbines will increase by 30% this year.

according to foreign media reports, Siemens predicts that the company's wind power sales will increase by 3% in this fiscal year. No electrochemical measurement experiment will be carried out, and the marginal profit will increase to double digits

Nauen, who is in charge of Siemens' wind power industry, said that they hope the company will enter the top three in the world by 2011. Siemens has not separated its wind power industry. Last month, the company said it had received orders for wind turbine downstream construction sites with more than 1.1 billion euros in North America. Nauen said that the annual growth rate of wind power sales and orders was more than 50%. The test value cannot truly reflect the use status. In the last financial year, the commercial profit margin was greater than 9%

the person in charge saw the huge business opportunities of coastal wind power, and they expected Germany to make a breakthrough in coastal wind power next year

Germany is one of the leading countries in the world where resin will solidify coastal wind power, but its ambitious plan is covered up by operating deficits and environmental opposition

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